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The Missoula Children's Theatre production of Hansel and Gretel will run approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.

Please silence all cell phones.

No flash photography during the performance. There will be a time for photos immediately following the show.

Please keep the aisles clear and stay in one place while recording.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre residency in La Crosse is presented by the Viterbo University Fine Arts Center.

Show Synopsis

Times are tough for modern day Hank and Gretchen, ‘til they find themselves deep in the wondrous Wildwood world of Hansel and Gretel. The Missoula Children's Theatre proudly presents an original musical adaptation of the Brothers’ Grimm age-old tale of a journey, a secret, and a grand adventure. Poor Hank and Gretchen! All of their friends, off to summer camp, have left them behind. While waiting for dinner, Hank and Gretchen fall asleep and dream their way to times gone by. They wake with a start! Their clothes are so strange–and so are their names. Lost in the deep dark woods, Granny leads Hansel and Gretel on a search for the path which will lead them to better times at home. But as evening approaches and the moon rises above the trees, Hansel and Gretel are not alone! The Rascals dart from tree to tree as sweet little Wallybirds innocently munch on the cookie crumbs left as a map on the forest floor. Crafty Cooks and Gingerbread Men lead our heroes to a colorful cottage concocted completely of candy and cakes, where Hansel and Gretel unravel the secret of the Wildwood Witch: Is she bad? Or is she good? Is she wicked…Or misunderstood? There’s music and laughter and thrills and chills. So join the fun as Hansel and Gretel’s dream is mysteriously blended with real life, and the lessons of one apply to the other. You’ll learn the secret of the Wildwood–but, shhh–don’t tell!

Tour Sponsors

The Missoula Children’s Theatre domestic tour is sponsored by Cosmic Crisp®, a new apple grown exclusively in Washington state. The Cosmic Crisp® motto, “Imagine the Possibilities,™” aligns with MCT’s work sparking children’s imaginations and creativity through theatre participation.

This project is partially supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. Supported in part by a grant from the Montana Arts Council, an agency of the state government, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Hank/Hansel: Oliver Hendricks

Gretchen/Gretel: Greta Kleven

Wildwood Witch: Kyara Cayasso

Granny: Chloe Drury

Cooks: Brett Rider, Jaden Rider, Trent Rider, Lucas Beaston, Kynzley Holicky, Samantha Renkas, Zara Rizvi, Isla Grabowski

Old Campers: Adalyn Dehli, Leo Poellinger, Carter Brieske, Mae Kirchner, Opal Markert

New Campers: Brynnlee Voves, Sami Pretasky, Adalynn Steedle, Lynley Dunn, Ellanore Molzhon–Zellmer, Gabe Byom, Adelaide Renkas, Kate Binsfeld, Megan Pratt, Lexi Love, Eliana Robinson, Lydia Kruse, Tessa Stacey

Rascals: Evelyn Byom, Myles Dagons, Elin Gasch, Madeline Hilton, Lucie Johnson, Wiliam Matz, Fiona McKnight, Isabel Riess, Xavior Steidl, Vanessa Stowell, Annalise Tabbert

Wallybirds: Nora Allen, Lauren Binsfeld, Madeline Binsfeld, Ameilia Dixon, Aria Gasch, Lydia Juneau, Karina Kruse, Evan Kuecker, Clara Peterson, Ruthie Pretasky, Amelia Rizvi, Jaxen Sullivan, Hugo Unnasch, Haila Wilson, Allen Wu

Assistant Directors: Emily Graw, Spencer Harpenau

Accompanist: Deacon Leer

Aunt Wally/Big Wallybird–Tour Actor/Director: Liz McRea

Director–Tour Actor/Director: Tyler Olson

Touring Company

Aunt Wally/Big Wallybird–Tour Actor/Director

Liz McRae
is thrilled to be touring with the Missoula Children's Theatre! Born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa, she studied music and theatre at the University of Northern Iowa, graduating with a degree in theatre performance in spring 2022. Favorite show credits include: Emily Webb in Our Town, ensemble/assistant music director for Godspell, and Snow White in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Outside of theatre McRae loves to read, embroider, and work on her roller skating skills. She would like to thank her friends and family for keeping her on track and supporting her no matter what.

Director–Tour Actor/Director

Tyler Olson
is so excited to be touring with the Missoula Children's Theatre! He is a recent graduate of Niagara University in New York where he received a BFA in theatre performance and became certified as a Basic Actor Combatant with Fight Directors Canada. Favorite credits include: Mr. Knightley in Jane Austen's Emma, Cliff in Cabaret, and Lord Goring in An Ideal Husband. He would like to thank his family who made his dreams possible.

Touring Company

Missoula Children's Theatre
Throughout its 45-year existence, the Missoula Children’s Theatre International Tour has fostered developmental life skills in more than a million kids. Just this year, they will work with 65,000 children in more than 1,200 communities in all 50 states and 17 countries. The Missoula Children’s Theatre relies on your generosity to close the gap between low tour fees and the actual cost of touring. If their program has had a positive impact on you or a family member, and you would like to help ensure this experience for future generations, please contact bfrazee@MCTinc.org. Like all performing arts organizations, COVID–19 has had a devastating impact on their budget. One of the many ways the Missoula Children’s Theatre remains vibrant is through generous donors all over the world. If you would like to help support MCT, GIVE online by visiting mctinc.org or via text by texting “MCTGive” to 44321.

Federal employees can contribute through the Combined Federal Campaign using CFC code #20396.

“Guess what? I made it…I’m in the play!”

On stage or behind the scenes, your children are stars! Maybe this is their first show, or they've been in 12 MCT shows. Either way, their Missoula Children’s Theatre experience will always shine bright. We invite you to honor that experience with a “star” in the MCT Galaxy, located in MCT headquarters in Missoula! How many stars are in the galaxy? When you participate, the sky's the limit! You may even want one of your own for being your child’s life-long stage manager. To see a sample of the MCT Galaxy and learn more about this exciting, new way to celebrate your star, visit MCTinc.org/mct-galaxy.

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