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The show will run for approximately 2 hour2 and 15 minutes including one 15-minute intermission.

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

This production contains high volumes of swordplay, slapstick, and silliness.

Orchestral arrangement supplied by Martin Paterson of Pattersong Music. For more information about this and other similar G&S arrangements please visit www.pattersong.co.uk.

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From the President
Rick Trietley

Dear Arts Patrons,

Welcome to the Viterbo University 2022–23 performing arts season. Whether it be for a Bright Star, Conservatory for the Performing Arts, or Weber Center series event, we are very pleased to have you join us for what surely will be an outstanding production.

The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have always cherished the arts, and we are proud to continue the legacy of our founders. Viterbo is truly blessed to have incredibly talented Conservatory students, faculty, and Fine Arts Center staff. Every show is painstakingly crafted and selected to offer the highest quality and culturally enriching entertainment possible to our community.

To all Viterbo arts patrons, benefactors, sponsors, volunteers, and artists, allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your support. Enjoy the show!

“Pace e Bene”
Peace and all good
Rick Trietley Signature
Rick Trietley
Viterbo University President

The Guess Who
Director's Note

Welcome to The Pirates of Penzance, a seriously silly show!

Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert's operetta first premiered on Broadway in 1879. Pirates was their fifth collaboration together and the choice to premiere it in America was a conscious one, to try to avoid pirates of their own. Their type of pirates was the bootleg producer kind who, upon seeing their previous production of H.M.S. Pinafore which premiered in London in 1878, opened 150 unauthorized productions here in the States, to which Gilbert and Sullivan received zero royalties for use of their materials. To avoid all of this, Pirates opened in America to rave reviews.

Pirates is a classic tale of “Boy meets pirates. Boy is indentured to pirates. Boy becomes 21 years of age and is set free. Boy then meets girl but realizes he’s only five-years-old due to being born on leap year and thus must remain a pirate.” The age-old story.

What makes Gilbert and Sullivan’s tale so timeless is, yes its relatability to everyday life, but also the humor and wit that is portrayed within the lyrics and character composition. In the mid-1800s, the form of operetta, or light opera, was taking off and Gilbert and Sullivan were leaders in this field creating memorable characters like the formidable Pirate King and, daft but sincere, Major-General that you’ll find in our production.

The Pirates of Penzance has been on my directing bucket list for quite some time due to the fun physical nature of the material and the chance to sprinkle in moments from all of the comedians that I’ve admired growing up. In this production, see how many moments you can spot that resemble the Ministry of Silly Walks, Mr. Bean, Buster Keaton, Madeline Kahn, Mel Brooks, and many more.

This production could only be a success thanks to the sheer brilliance of the designers, production team, and craftsmen who have worked to put this production together. The stunning wing and drop set design by Teena Sauvola, the strikingly beautiful and hilarious costumes by Bryce Turgeon and Alex Bell, the flawless craftsmanship by Chad Kolbe, Jason Underferth, Kit Mayer, and all of the design crews. The many silly dancing and stage combat moves led by Emily Craver, Virginia Foshee, Mike Speck, and Lauren Bergquist. Dr. James Wilson on perfecting this production’s music direction and orchestra and all of the Viterbo voice teachers who have worked countless hours helping each student nail the many lyrics and vocal demands in this show. And of course to the students themselves. This production is a collaboration between Viterbo’s Music and the Theatre & Music Theatre Departments. It has been a joy to watch all of the students work so seamlessly together to create a unified vision and production highlighting what Viterbo’s Conservatory for the Performing Arts does best: bring people together to celebrate the joy and power of live performances. I give my biggest heartfelt thank you to each and everyone who has worked on this production.

I hope you, the audience, can sit back and enjoy the performance and ponder the age-old question, “What is the model of a modern Major-General?!”

–Teddy Eck, director

Music Director's Note

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance is famously full of catchy tunes and silly wit. This of course is largely why we continue to produce it nearly 150 years later, but as with all great operas and operettas of the time, there are multiple layers of parody and juxtaposition to peel away. Take for instance the ridiculousness of the plot: why do the characters so often change their allegiance on a whim? Who ever heard of pirates with a soft spot for orphans? Or a pirate apprentice waiting out his service contract? The point isn’t to frustrate and confuse, it’s to make fun of the very operas of Gilbert and Sullivan’s time that operated on this basis. Laughing along with the stupidity of the plot means you are in on the joke.

Gilbert and Sullivan go well beyond plot parody, they love to replicate and imitate the harmonies and structures of truly dramatic operas of their time, namely those of Rigoletto and Il Trovatore, with fake but equally effective dramatic scene structures. The cavatina/cabaletta duet scene between Frederic and Mabel in Act II and the cumulative sequencing in both finales is directly reminiscent of structures used by Donizetti and Verdi in their greatest hits. This is opera masterfully making fun of opera, on a level that is every bit as entertaining and beautiful as the originals, albeit with a near constant comedic undertone. There will likely be some moments where the beauty of the singing causes you to momentarily forget about the show’s comedic nature, but this is by design and it speaks to the skill of both the writers and our singers.

Great opera, whether it be an original masterpiece or a witty parody, is a worthwhile endeavor for university students in a Conservatory setting. This music is challenging, substantive, rewarding, and it offers a window into the very best of a vibrant and expressive musical history. As chair of the music department at Viterbo University, one of my primary goals is to expand and preserve our offerings of opera and operetta of the highest quality. I hope you find this music to be delightfully entertaining, charming, enriching, and I hope it leaves you wanting more.

James Wilson

The Hello Girls

Act One:
A Rocky Seashore on the Coast of Cornwall

Act Two:
A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight

Musical Numbers
FOX 25/48

The Pirate King: Carson Carter

Samuel and The Pirate King understudy: Lukas Nederloe

Frederic: David Caliri

Ruth: Grace Peña

Mabel: Marie Peterson

Edith: Raven Hurlock

Kate: Sophia Niblock

Isabel: Kieran Sween

Major-General Stanley: Dylan Woodman

Pirate and Sergeant of Police: Connor Martin

Pirate and Frederic understudy: Calvin Pierce

Pirates: Aren Alexander-Battee, Deacon Leer, Tucker Mensen

Pirate/Police and Samuel understudy: CJ Zimmer

Pirate/Police and Major–General understudy: Zachary Lichner

Maiden/Police: Anna Vande Krol, Katie Schafer

Maiden/Police and Edith understudy: Claire Capra

Maiden and Mable understudy: Makayla Taylor

Maiden: Erica Ashley, Greta Schwandt

Swing of Pirate Chorus: Isaac Knudson

Swing Kate and Maiden: McKenzie Russ

Swing Isabel and Maiden: Beth Anderson


Conductor: James Wilson

Violin: Yassia Felts*

Trumpet: Jeffrey Krauklis

Flute: Jonathan Borja

Oboe: Allie Schlicht

Clarinet: Mike Chesher

Horn: Tammy Bartz, Bonny Fish

Bassoon: Jeffrey Copp

Tuba: Scott Bradford

Percussion: Mahlivahn Fleckenstein*

Keyboard: Matt Salvo (March 4 and 5), David Richardson (March 3)

*Viterbo student

Production Team

Director: Teddy Eck

Music Director: James Wilson

Scenic Designer: Teena Sauvola

Lighting Designer: Erik Vose

Costume Designer: Bryce Turgeon

Choreographer: Emily Craver

Stage Manager: Mads Magson

Fight Choreographer: Mike Speck

Assistant Choreographer: Virginia Foshee

Assistant Director: Ruby Brisco

Assistant Stage Manager: Ashlyn Cox

Fight Captain: Lauren Bergquist

Sound Engineer/Designer: Ian Zempel

Technical Director: Chad Kolbe

Charge Artist: Kit Mayer

Master Carpenter: Ron Stoffregen

Assistant Costume Designer: Will Handrick

Costume Shop Supervisor: Alex Bell

Hair and Makeup Supervisor: Elisabeth Meyer

Prop Shop Supervisor: Jessica Rigdon

Properties Design: Megan Wheelock

Intimacy Director: Mary Trotter

Master Electrician: Jason Underferth

Assistant Electrician: Emmett Lenselink

Production Crew

Deck Chief/Fly Captain: Savannah DeShazo

Light Board Operator: Cortney Piepenburg

Sound Run/Microphones: Amber Arevalo Medellin

Sound Board Operator: Katie Kostner

Follow Spot Operators: Emma Griffe, Abbey Messing

Scenic Run Crew: Kalyn Schmit, Kjersten Danzig, Briar Haring

Costume Run Crew Supervisor: Lauren Canfield

Costume Crew (Hair/Makeup): Finn Hadel, Ainsley Alrutz

Costume Crew (Dresser): Caitlin Callahan, Vera Shipley

Scenic Build Crew: Zachary Lichner, Spencer Curtis, Claire Capra, Katie Shafer, McKenzie Russ, Clay Corley

Lighting Build Crew: Ellie Parish, Connor Martin, Raven Hurlock, Emmett Lenselink

Props Build Crew: Jo Kasper, Jessica Schneider, Marie Peterson

Costume Build Crew: Gabrielle Moten, Colin Cada, Zachary Sullivan, Anna Vande Krol, Emma Phillips, Jillian Kohl

Gundersen Hotel and Suites


Aren Alexander–Batee

Aren Alexander–Battee
is excited to be a part of The Pirates of Penzance. He is a senior music theatre major with a dance minor. His past roles at Viterbo include Garvin in Footloose, Sam in The Elephant Speaks Jazz, and Helper 2/ensemble in The Pajama Game. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support in his passion and in this show.


Beth Anderson

Beth Anderson
is a sophomore music theatre major with a dance minor. She was a member of Diamond Edition show choir and is now in Platinum Edition. She is also a dance instructor at Turning Pointe Dance Studio. She extends thanks to God, friends, family, and Viterbo faculty for their support. @bethhandersonn4


Erica Ashley

Erica Ashley
is thrilled to be a part of her first musical at Viterbo! She is a junior at Viterbo University studying music theatre with a minor in finance. She is from Roanoke, Ind. and has been involved with theatre for the majority of her life. She has performed in Viterbo's first-year and sophomore cabarets, as well as being an understudy for their production of Everybody. She thanks her family and friends for their love and overwhelming support! @ericasashley


David Caliri
is a senior vocal performance major from Bemidji, Minn. At Viterbo, he has performed in the 2020 opera and music theatre scenes show, the Gilbert and Sullivan opera scenes show, and the chamber opera Speed Dating Tonight!. He would like to give the biggest of thanks to his fiance Caitlin for being the best partner he could ask for.


Claire Capra

Claire Capra
is a first-year music theatre major from the suburbs of Chicago. This is her first Conservatory production, and she is excited to be a part of it. She is also a member of Diamond Edition. She would like to thank her friends and family for their never ending support. @claire_caps


Carson Carter

Carson Carter
is a senior vocal performance major from Bemidji, Minn. His past Viterbo shows include Footloose, Puffs, Speed Dating Tonight!, and Gilbert and Sullivan opera scenes. He is also a part of the Concert Choir. He would like to thank his friends and family for all their continued support. @CarsonTCarter


Raven Hurlock

Raven Hurlock
is a junior theatre major with a music minor from the Chicago area. Past credits include Julius Caesar, Elephant’s Graveyard, Lysistrata, and The Laramie Project. They are endlessly grateful to their family and everybody else who has helped to push them toward success in their creative endeavors. They are thrilled to be performing alongside such an incredible cast! @raven.marlowe


Isaac Knudson

Isaac Knudson
is a first-year music theatre major from Decatur, Ind. and they are so excited to be making their Viterbo debut! Knudson’s most recent credits are The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Chip Tolentino), Hairspray (Edna Turnblad), The Addams Family (Uncle Fester), Les Misérables (Grantaire). They want to thank all their friends, family, and mentors for supporting and helping them. @isaac.knudsen


Deacon Leer

Deacon Leer
is a senior music theatre/piano performance double major from Milwaukee. Previous credits include Decius Brutus in Julius Caesar, ensemble in Lysistrata, and ensemble in Twelfth Night. He is grateful for the support of his family, mom, dad, Maverick, and all those who have helped along the way.


Zachary Lichner

Zachary Lichner
is a first-year music theatre major and is so excited to finally make his debut on the Viterbo stage in a Conservatory production. He has previously been involved in Platinum Edition show choir and is looking forward to making more memories in the future! He would like to thank his family as well as his professors who have worked so hard to get him where he is! He hopes you enjoy the show or else you’ll walk the plank! @zack.lichner


Connor Martin

Connor Martin
is a first-year music theatre major with minors in dance and arts management from Hartford. Currently, he is performing with Platinum Edition show choir and serving as a freshman representative on the Student Theatre Project's board. Martin would like to thank his family for their continued support! @connorjoseph.m


Tucker Mensen

Tucker Mensen
a first-year music theatre major with a minor in dance from small town Urbana, Iowa. He is excited to learn from the wonderful faculty in the music theatre program. He was a part of his high school's musical theatre program and his community theatre. His credits include Jean Valjean in Les Mis, John Truitt in Meet Me in St.Louis, Warner in Legally Blonde, and Oliver in OLIVER! He would like to thank his family for the endless support and helping him get into such an amazing school. @tick_tuck16


Lukas Nederloe

Lukas Nederloe
is a sophomore music theatre major from Minneapolis. He is a member of the Improv Club and Honors Program. His previous Viterbo accolades include clown from The Elephant Speaks Jazz and understudy in Footloose. He is thankful for everyone that keeps him going today. @lukas_nederloe


Sophia Niblock
is a sophomore vocal performance major with a dance minor from Lee's Summit, Mo., just outside of Kansas City. She has been an active student in the music department productions such as the Gilbert and Sullivan scenes, as well as the chamber opera Speed Dating Tonight! They were thrilled to choreograph Amahl and the Night Visitors last semester. She cannot thank her mom enough for being there to support and love, as well as lead her in her music career. Thx mom! @sophia._.niblock


Grace Pena

Grace Peña
is a senior music theatre major from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. At Viterbo, she has understudied Vi and Ethel in Footloose, performed in the opera Speed Dating Tonight!, and Student Theatre Project’s cabaret. She would like to thank her friends and family for their love and support! @g.oodness.gracious


Marie Faustina Peterson

Marie Faustina Peterson
is a junior music theatre major. She has been involved in productions in numerous ways, such as costume build, stage management, and performing in a cabaret on campus. Peterson is incredibly grateful to be trusted with this beautiful show and cannot wait for you to see it! Incredible thanks to Karen, Pete, family, friends, teachers, crew and creatives, and Federico! She couldn’t have done it without you.


Calvin Pierce

Calvin Pierce
is a junior music theatre major with a dance minor from Mississippi. Previous Viterbo credits include Tommy Ross in CARRIE: The Musical, Lucio in Measure for Measure, and ensemble for The Pajama Game. He is thrilled to be a part of The Pirates of Penzance and hopes you enjoy the show! @calvin_w_pierce


McKenzie Russ

McKenzie Russ
is ecstatic to be making her Viterbo debut! She is a first year BFA music theatre student from Edmond, Okla., and could not be more grateful to be continuing her love of theatre at Viterbo! Outside of classes, she is involved on campus through book club and Diamond Edition show choir. She would like to thank the Viterbo faculty and her family for their kindness and encouragement. Enjoy the show! @mckenzie_kay_


Katie Schafer

Katie Schafer
is a sophomore music theatre major from Macomb, Mich. Last semester, she was understudy for Angelo in Measure for Measure and she is currently a member of Diamond Edition show choir. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their love and support! @katie__schafer


Greta Schwandt

Greta Schwandt
is a junior music major from Suamico. At Viterbo, she has been seen in Speed Dating Tonight!, Amahl and the Night Visitors, and is also a part of Concert Choir and 9th Street Singers. Additionally, she is the choir assistant and NAFME secretary. She would like to thank her family and close friends for their support! @g_schwandt7


Kieran Sween
is a sophomore vocal performance and business administration double major. Sween has been involved in Viterbo’s Speed Dating Tonight!, Amahl and the Night Visitors, and A Viterbo Christmas twice. Sween is grateful to be back on the stage and looks forward to all of the other opportunities coming. Sween wants to thank family and friends who have always supported performances. @kieranevsween


Makayla Taylor

Makayla Taylor
is so excited to be a part of her first Conservatory production at Viterbo! She is a first-year music theatre major and has enjoyed being a part of Diamond Edition show choir as well as being a first-year representative for Student Theatre Project. She would like to thank her family, past directors, and current staff for all their support. She hopes you have an ARRRmazing time at the show! @kayla_taylor207


Anna Vande Krol

Anna Vande Krol
is a first-year music theatre student. She is so proud of her fellow cast and crew mates and has enjoyed working with them all. This is her first college production and she is so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to understudy for three different roles! "Enjoy the show!" @anna.vk16


Dylan Woodman

Dylan Woodman
is a junior vocal performance major. He has been in past productions at Viterbo such as Mr. Bluff in Mozarts Impressario, and The King of Boeotia in Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. He would like to thank his parents for uplifting his performing dreams and Rachel who's support and inspiration are undoubtedly what makes each day better than the last.


CJ Zimmer

CJ Zimmer
is a sophomore music theatre major from Taylor Mill, Ky. Previously, he has been in CARRIE: The Musical (ensemble) at Viterbo as well as Godspell (Swing/Telly) at Stage Right Theatre Company. He is also a proud member of Platinum Edition show choir. He thanks his family for all their love and support. @cj.zimmer1

Production Team


Teddy Eck

Teddy Eck
is a professional actor, director, and administrator who has worked in a variety of mediums within the performance arts. He has a wide range of performance credits including work at various LORT and off-Broadway theatres, TV and feature film appearances, commercial and industrial work, and even the odd cruise ship gig. He has also served as director for a wide variety of performing arts shows and events including opera, musical theatre, classic and contemporary plays, and multimedia work. In addition, he has worked extensively on the administration/non-profit side of the performing arts including work as a grant writer, various marketing and development associate positions, and most recently VP of donor relations for the San Diego Repertory Theatre. He is currently working on the collaboration of social justice through the performing arts and a focus on immersive and new storytelling techniques. Education includes: BFA in musical theatre performance (integrated studies) AMDA/The New School University in NYC, and MFA in theatre directing, University of Memphis, Tenn. Additional accreditations and certificates include film production and screenwriting from The New School University. Certified non-profit professional from National Leadership Alliance, actor combatant from Society of Fight Directors, and an AEA and SAG/AFTRA member.


James Wilson

James Wilson
is an associate professor and chair of the music department at Viterbo where he directs the Concert Choir, 9th Street Singers, and Viterbo Choral Arts. Wilson also teaches conducting, song literature, diction, and serves as the artistic director for the annual A Viterbo Christmas performances. Prior to his coming to Viterbo, Wilson served as professor of music and director of choirs at Wesley College, a private liberal arts college located in Dover, Del. For 10 years he served as artistic director of the Delaware Choral Society, an organization of 100 singers with whom he performed works such as Handel’s Messiah, Orff’s Carmina Burana, and Haydn’s The Creation. In 2014, Wilson founded and directed the music nonprofit organization The Kent Chamber Choir, Delaware’s premier all-auditioned community choral ensemble. As a church musician, Wilson has served numerous congregations throughout the country including St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut; Boston University’s Marsh Chapel; St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Greensboro, North Carolina; Trinity United Methodist Church in Lincoln, Neb.; and Wesley United Methodist Church in Dover, Del. He is a highly sought clinician and adjudicator throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Wilson’s education includes a BA in voice performance from The Hartt School, an MA in choral conducting from Boston University, and a DMA in choral conducting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His teachers and mentors include Ann Howard Jones, Peter Eklund, and Paul Head.


Teena Sauvola

Teena Sauvola
is coming upon her 15-year anniversary in the entertainment industry, starting in theatre and transitioning into the themed entertainment world around six years ago. She wanted to take the storytelling skills she gained in theatre and apply them to more immersive projects in theme parks around the world. Since diving into the themed entertainment industry, Sauvola has worked with world–renowned companies like Disney Live Entertainment, Entertainment Design Corporation, and Universal Creative. Her talents have been used on projects varying from intimate theatre productions, lobby cruise ships designs, and epic nighttime spectaculars. In her free time, she runs her own art business both online and at local art fairs. She also co-hosts a podcast with a friend, where they discuss themed entertainment design.


Erik Vose

Erik Vose
is the interim director of La Crosse Community Theatre (LCT) and a co-director for the Weber Center for the Performing Arts. Prior to joining LCT, he was the director of operations and technical director of the Sue & Frank Mayborn Performing Arts Center at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Previously, he was the director of production at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, Calif. where he coordinated all the production elements for over 300+ events a season. Vose has an MFA in theatre design and technology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a BFA in theatre from Texas State University-San Marcos.


Bryce Turgeon

Bryce Turgeon
is returning to his alma mater where he previously designed Orpheus in the Underworld and Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum . He has worked on and Off-Broadway for nine years building for such shows as Aladdin, Fun Home, Cinderella, Wicked, Phantom, Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, and many others. For the past five years Turgeon has been the owner of his fashion brand, Florence d’Lee where he specializes in couture fashion for high profile drag queens. His work can be seen on Rupaul’s Drag Race seasons 9-13 (Sasha Velour, Aquaria, Nina West, Rosè, Scarlett Envy, Etc.) as well as Drag Race All-Stars seasons 4-7 (Shea Coulee, Monèt Xchange, Miz Cracker, Blair St.Claire, Etc). Turgeon's work has also been seen on various Broadway and Hollywood red carpets as well as The Met Gala. @florencedlee


Emily Craver

Emily Craver
is an instructor of dance at Viterbo. She holds an MFA in dance from the Ohio State University and a BS from Skidmore College. Her work has been shown at New Victory LabWorks, WestFest's All Over Westbeth, The PIT, and The Comedy in Dance Festival. Her performance company, The Little Streams, has produced three years in a row at Triskelion Arts in NYC. She has also choreographed for Weston Drama Workshop, Stoneham Theatre young company, and Wellesley Players. She dances with NYC-based Trainor Dance and New Orleans-based CabinFever Live Art. Favorite performances include dancing at NYBG, Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacob's Pillow Inside/Out Stage, The Yard, and Joe's Pub. www.emilybcraver.com


Mike Speck

Mike Speck
is a certified teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors, currently teaching stage combat styles at Viterbo as an adjunct. In his day job he serves as the operations director of the Chatfield Center for the Arts, training volunteers, solidifying processes, and building organizational capacity. Previous fight direction projects include a six-man sword fight choreographed as a theme-and-variations; a musical brawl incorporating Latin dance, thrown drinks, and set changes; a 6'2" Tybalt vs a 4'10" Mercutio; and a case of rapiers fight where phrase IV's choreography was "phrase II, but backwards." Acting credits include work at the Guthrie Theatre, Theatre at Monmouth, Tent Theatre, and the Lost Colony.


Mads Magson

Mads Magson
is a junior music theatre major from Dallas. She has been seen previously as the stage manager for CARRIE: The Musical, Lysistrata, and Viterbo's 2021 showcase of Dance Kaleidoscope! She would love to thank her family and closest friends for their amazing love and support in light of her accomplishments! @mads.magson


Virginia Foshee

Virginia Foshee
is a music theatre major with a dance minor from Lafayette, La. Past credits include Babe u/s, in The Pajama Game and ensemble in The Night Children. Foshee also participated in Dance Kaleidoscope and Platinum Edition. She would like to thank her friends and family for their love and support, she would not be here without them! @virginia_fosho


Ruby Brisco

Ruby Brisco
is a junior music theatre major with a minor in dance from Maple Grove, Minn. Her most recent Viterbo appearances include Student Theatre Project’s spring production, The Pajama Game, and The Night Children. She has also been seen in Platinum Edition and Diamond Edition show choirs. She wants to thank her family and friends for all of their love and support. @ruby_brisco


Ashlyn Cox

Ashlyn Cox
is a first-year music theatre major from Lakeville, Minn. and is so excited to be making her Viterbo debut! Her most recent credits include Bird Girl #2, Gertrude McFuzz u/s, and Sour Kangaroo u/s in ETC's touring production of Seussical Jr. Outside of theatre, she is involved with Viterbo's Diamond Edition show choir! She would like to thank her family, teachers, and friends for their love and support! @ashgcox


Lauren Bergquist

Lauren Bergquist
is a junior theatre major with a minor in arts administration from Dubuque. Previous Viterbo credits include Everybody (Somebody), The Elephant Speaks Jazz (Puppeteer), and Elephant's Graveyard (Steam Shovel Operator). She would like to thank her friends and family for all of their support! Enjoy the show! @laurenmbergquist


Ian Zempel

Ian Zempel
is a junior music theatre major from Sheboygan. He has been seen (heard) in the department designing sound for CARRIE: The Musical, Lysistrata, and Student Theatre Project’s In Limbo and Spring Awakening. Zempel looks forward to new opportunities and experiences in the coming year and thanks everyone that has helped make that happen! @b_r_i_b_e


Chad Kolbe

Chad Kolbe
is an associate professor of theatre at Viterbo focusing on design and technology. He teaches courses such as stage craft, principles of design, theatre practicum, and stage lighting. He also serves as technical director, and on occasion lighting designer for the theatre and music theatre department. Before Viterbo, Kolbe taught for two years at The University of Northern Iowa, and before that served as head rigger at Des Moines Metro Opera and technical director at The Texas Shakespeare Festival. He enjoys time with family, cooking good food, and being outside exploring all that La Crosse and the surrounding areas have to offer.


Will Handrick

Will Handrick
is a sophomore theatre major focusing on stage management from Minocqua. Past credits at Viterbo include props build for The Pajama Game, stage manager for Speed Dating Tonight! and Measure for Measure, and hair/makeup designer for Footloose. He is ecstatic to continue designing and producing shows at Viterbo and in the future. Handrick would like to extend love and a huge thank you to his family and friends Shea and McKenzie for their unending support! @willixmh_


Jessica Rigdon

Jessica Rigdon
is the properties shop supervisor at Viterbo. This is her second season with the Conservatory for the Performing Arts and she is very excited to continue working with students and faculty. She earned a BS in technical theatre from Northwest Missouri State University and an MFA in costume design from Southern Illinois University. This past summer she served as the costume shop manager at the Des Moines Metro Opera and will be returning to work with them again for the summer season in 2023.


Megan Wheelock

Megan Wheelock
is a sophomore music theatre major with a dance minor from Waterloo, Iowa. She has been involved in Student Theatre Project’s cabaret and is currently in Viterbo's Platinum Edition show choir. She is looking forward strengthening her skills and enjoying all of the future opportunities the Conservatory has to offer. @meganelisewheelock


Mary Trotter

Mary Trotter
is an actor, director, and intimacy choreographer. She joined Viterbo as an adjunct faculty this fall and has taught acting, directing, voice, and movement at Washington State University and the University of Central Missouri. Professional credits span the pacific northwest, Chicago, and New York City. In addition to receiving her BA from Bradley University and MFA from the University of Idaho, she has extensive training with Patsy Rodenburg and Theatrical Intimacy Education. Trotter is a certified NIA instructor and an active participant in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. She has served as the Irene Ryan Coordinator for Region VII for five years and Associate Coordinator with Region V for four years. Additionally, Trotter has produced and directed theatre outreach programs such as Las Memorias and The Performance Project, focused on defining and sharing individual stories of participants. She is a founding member of Connections Theatre Company.


Jason Underferth

Jason Underferth
has been a lighting designer in the Midwest region for more than 20 years. Most recently, he has spent the last 10 years as the production manager and lighting design lecturer at Saint Mary’s University in Winona, Minn., where he has designed more than 40 shows. Favorite designs include Man of La Mancha and Enchanted April, both at The Commonweal Theatre Company. He is excited to join Viterbo this year as the Conservatory for the Performing Arts’ production coordinator.

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