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Show Information


Story and Book by
Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming

Music and Lyrics
Laurence O’Keefe

Licensed under agreement with
Weekly World News

The show will run for approximately
2 hours and 20 minutes.

There will be a 15-minute intermission.

The videotaping or audio and/or visual
recording of this production is a violation
of United States Copyright Law
and an actionable federal offense.

Rated PG-13 for violence, drug use,
and sexual references. There is also heavy use of stage blood, strobe effects, and prop gun usage in this production.

Original New York production produced by
Nancy Nagel Gibbs, Riot Entertainment,
Robyn Goodman, Michael Alden,
Jean Doumanian and the Producing Office.

Original cast recording available on RCA/Victor.

Bat Boy: The Musical was developed in
New York City at The Directors Company,
Michael Parva, Artistic/Producing Director.

Bat Boy: The Musical had its initial production
at The Actor’s Gang in Los Angeles.

The Authors wish to acknowledge the
generous support provided through the
Richard Rodgers Development Award and the
Richard Rodgers Production Award. The
Richard Rodgers Awards are administered
by the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Bat Boy: The Musical is presented by
special arrangement with Broadway Licensing, LLC.

From the President
Rick Trietley headshot

Dear Arts Patrons,

Welcome to this 2023–24 performing arts season production. The quality programming you are about to enjoy, and in which the university community takes so much pride, would be impossible without our friends, benefactors, and audience members. We are very pleased to have you join us.

This season is an expanded and eclectic mix of music, drama, music theatre, and stand-up comedy performed by outstanding artists ranging from nationally known acts to Viterbo students. The carefully crafted schedule reflects our dedication to upholding the legacy of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and their goal of sharing the wonder of the arts with everyone in the region.

To all Viterbo arts patrons, benefactors, sponsors, volunteers, artists, and students, thank you very much for your continued support.

Enjoy the show!

“Pace e Bene”
Peace and all good
Rick Trietley signature
Rick Trietley
Viterbo University President

Conservatory Note
Rick Walters headshot

Welcome to the Viterbo University Conservatory for the Performing Arts. We’re so glad you’ve joined in this shared experience of live theatre and music. There’s nothing else quite like it.

This season promises a tapestry of emotions, stories, and melodies, from the enchanting glamour of 42nd Street to the quirky brilliance of Bat Boy: The Musical, and the soul-stirring magic of Godspell.

We’re pleased to bring you new works from some of the most current voices in American theatre. In She Kills Monsters, Obie-award-winner Qui Nguyen offers up a genre-bending “Dungeons and Dragons” romp that can make you laugh even when you’re not supposed to. Tar Beach by Tammy Ryan drops us into 1977 on a New York City rooftop where an overstressed electrical grid leads to a city-wide blackout and the loss of innocence.

Feel the warmth of the holidays with the music of A Viterbo Christmas: The Holly and The Ivy, blending timeless carols and modern classics to launch the season. And in February, mark your calendars for the jazz-inspired romantic short opera, Later That Same Evening.

Thank you for joining us on this artistic journey as we explore new worlds, challenge perspectives, and create memories that last long after the final curtain.

Rick Walters signature
Rick Walters
Executive Artistic Director
Conservatory for the Performing Arts

Director's Note
Teddy Eck headshot

I first became aware of “Bat Boy” himself thanks to being bored standing the long lines in the grocery stores back in ’92. Back before self-checkout, before online print media, and before any smartphones or fidgets were there to keep you entertained, there were tabloids and other impulse buys awaiting you alongside the aisles in the grocery store. The Weekly World News first premiered their tabloid of Bat child found in a cave! in 1992, and then ran many similar stories tracking this “Bat Child” and their adventures; Bat Boy escapes the authorities and Bat Boy sighted in NYC subway, etc. According to Weekly World News, the stories about Bat Boy became quite popular, second only to their Elvis Lives story line. To me, I didn’t care if Elvis was living or was an Alien, it was the Bat Child that drew my eye. Flash forward almost a decade, to 2001 when I was in undergrad in NYC, a group of my classmates and I got student rush tickets to see this hip new off-Broadway show, Bat Boy: The Musical. From the opening chord I was hooked. It’s dark, gritty, funny, and entertaining. Bat Boy: The Musical, comes from Tim Robbin’s Los Angeles based Actors’ Gang Theatre which developed the work in 1997. It made its Off-Broadway run in 2001 and has since had a strong mounting in regional theatres and overseas.

With our production, the set designer Teena Sauvola and I worked with the original design concept of the newspaper itself. We explored the design idea of the monochromatic newspaper world and then played with the use of color within it. For example, you’ll see the costumes of the Townsfolk getting more and more colorful as they grow in their embrace of Bat Boy, ala the ’98 movie Pleasantville, that explores similar themes about acceptance in a small-town community. In addition, we sought to explore the relationship between the audience and the cast, which lead to the Blood Zone area as a way to include the audience in Bat Boy’s journey and torment with his thirst for blood. It has been a joy bringing this story to life and sharing this adventure with the stellar production team, cast, and crew. I hope you enjoy your experience with the show and, to quote the lyrics from the show, that you “Know your Bat Boy, Love your Bat Boy, Don’t Deny Your Beast Inside!”

–Teddy Eck


Hope Falls, West Virginia
Time: The Present

Synopsis of Scenes


The Cave: Bat Boy, Ruthie, Ron, Rick

Hold Me, Bat Boy: Townspeople of Hope Falls

Christian Charity: Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley, Sheriff

Ugly Boy: Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley

Watcha Wanna Do: Bat Boy, Shelley, Rick

A Home for You: Bat Boy, Meredith

Another Dead Cow: Townspeople of Hope Falls

Dance with me, Darling: Bat Boy, Meredith, Parker, Scary Chorus

Mrs. Taylor’s Lullaby: Ruthie, Ron, Rick, Sheriff, Mrs. Taylor, Doctor

Show You a Thing or Two: Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley, Parker, Ensemble

Christian Charity Reprise: Parker, Sheriff, Mrs. Taylor, Daisy, Bud, Lorraine, Maggie, Roy

A Home for You Reprise: Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley, Parker

Parker’s Epiphany: Bat Boy, Meredith, Parker

Comfort and Joy: Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley, Parker, Ensemble


A Joyful Noise: Reverend Hightower, Ensemble

Let Me Walk Among You: Bat Boy

3 Bedroom House: Meredith, Shelley

Children, Children: Bat Boy, Shelley, Pan, Animals

More Blood/Kill the Bat Boy: Parker, Townspeople

Inside Your Heart: Bat Boy, Shelley

Apology to a Cow: Bat Boy, Scary Chorus

Revelations: Meredith, Parker, Scary Chorus

I Imagine You’re Upset/I Am Not A Boy: Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley, Parker, Ensemble

Hold Me, Bat Boy (Reprise) Bat Boy, Meredith, Shelley, Parker, Ensemble


Bat Boy: Jake Aune

Shelley: Reagan Kettner

Meredith: Katie Schafer

Parker: Robert Alston

Rick/Clem/Ensemble: Kayden Kloehn

Ron/Ned/Ensemble: Tucker Mensen

Ruthie/Ensemble: Katie Kostner

Mrs. Taylor/Ensemble/Dance Captain: Shea Grande

Bud/Pan/Ensemble (Bat Boy Understudy): Isaac Knudsen

Sheriff/Ensemble: Zachary Lichner

Daisy/Doctor/Ensemble (Shelley Understudy): AJ Murphy

Lorraine/Ensemble (Meredith Understudy): Jess Schneider

Maggie/Reverend Hightower/Ensemble: Vera Shipley

Roy/Ensemble/Dance Captain: CJ Zimmer

Swing: Carley Clover

Swing: Afton Fuson


Keyboard 1/Conductor: Matt Salvo

Keyboard 2: Janette Hanson

Guitar: Kyle Renfro

Bass: Paul Jewson

Drums/Percussion: Tammy Fisher

Electronic Music Design: Matt Salvo

Production Team

Director: Teddy Eck

Music Director: Matt Salvo

Choreographer: Vic Pardon

Fight Choreographer: Lauren Bergquist

Production Stage Managers: Bailey Millimaki, Marie Peterson

Costume Designer: Alexandra Holzem

Scenic Designer: Teena Sauvola

Lighting Designer: Madi Bollinger

Sound Designer/Engineer: Ian Zempel

Sound Consultant: Doug Wilken

Properties Designer: Kelsey Taunt

Hair and Makeup Designer: Elisabeth Meyer

Production Manager: Jason Underferth

Technical Director: Chad Kolbe

Intimacy Director: Mary Trotter

Intimacy Director Assistant: Madelyn Ballard

Assistant Directors: Bailey Millimaki, Marie Peterson

Assistant Stage Manager(s): Alli Austin

Dance Captains: Shea Grande, CJ Zimmer

Fight Captain: Marie Peterson

Lead Electrician: Jason Underferth

Assistant Technical Director: Madi Bollinger

Costume Shop Supervisor: Alexandra Holzem

Prop Shop Supervisor: Kelsey Taunt

Assistant Properties Designer: Anna Martinson

Assistant Lead Electrician: Soph Klemp

Projections: Mahlivanh Fleckenstein

Hair and Makeup Supervisor: Adelaide Young

Costume Run Crew Supervisor: Helen Riddle

Costume Consultant: Abby Sharp

Production Crew

Light Board Operator: Laurelle Bandy

Sound Run/Microphones (A2): Zach Buhl

Costume Run Crew: Zach Sullivan, Tanner Groshek

Scenic Run Crew: Madalaine Brown, Hailey Fernandes, Savannah DeShazo

Props Run Crew: JaymeeAnn Olson, Adrienne Moder

Lighting/Electricians : Ashlyn Cox, Colin Cada, Connor Martin

Costume Build Crew: Malia Meyer, Elisabeth Meyer, Annie Voss, Xavier Carnicom, Kayla Taylor, Abby Schrunk, Jess Schneider, Sydney Ellis, Adelaide Young, Joie Steele, Braeden Jackson, Bailey Millimaki, Gabby Moten, Lauren Canfield, Jillian Kohl, Shea Grande, Jen Brown

Scenic Build Crew: Clay Corley, Kayden Kloehn, Sony Vassor, Trey'lon Salley

Prop Build Crew: Megan Wheelock, Adeline Cramer, Sydney Ellis, Braeden Jackson, Robby Alston, Anna Martinson, Willow Kasper



Robert Alston headshot

Robert Alston
is a junior music theatre major from Wausau. Previous Viterbo credits include Lyle in Footloose, Captain Riser in The Hello Girls, Abner in 42nd Street, and Miles in She Kills Monsters. He has also been seen as Henry in Next to Normal at La Crosse Community Theatre and Kurt in Heathers: The Musical with Viterbo's Student Theatre Project. He would like to extend a huge thanks to his family, friends, and partner for their constant love, support, and encouragement! @robbyalston1


Jake Aune headshot

Jake Aune
is thrilled to be on stage this season as a junior musical theatre major. Past Viterbo credits include: Stokes in CARRIE: The Musical, Bickle in Footloose, and Matterson in The Hello Girls. He would like to thank his family and friends for supporting him, along with the production team and cast for this incredible show.


Carley Clover headshot

Carley Clover
is a first-year music theatre major. She is ecstatic to be a part of the Viterbo community! Her hobbies include reading, spending time outdoors, and traveling. She would like to give a special thanks to her family and mentors Andy Kust and Shad Hanley. @carleyclover


Sabrina Fullhart headshot

Afton Fuson
is so excited to be in their first production at Viterbo! Fuson is a first-year music theatre major and is looking forward to learning and experiencing more within this incredible Viterbo community. Thanks for coming, and I you'll enjoy the show! :) @aftronfusion


Shea Grande headshot

Shea Grande
is a junior music theatre major with minors in dance and arts administration from Chattanooga, Tenn. Her most recent credits include Ensemble/Peggy Sawyer U/S in 42nd Street (Viterbo University), Ensemble/Maureen U/S in RENT (LCT), and Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast (LCT). You might have seen her hair/wig/makeup designs for past Viterbo shows like The Hello Girls, Measure for Measure, and She Kills Monsters. She would like to thank Reagan, McKenzie, and Will for always keeping her a float and mom and Bill for being her biggest fans. @sheagrande


Reagan Kettner headshot

Reagan Kettner
is a junior music theatre major with a dance minor from Wausau. Past credits include Ensemble/Maggie U/S (42nd Street), Soul Sister (Jesus Christ Superstar), and Female Ensemble Swing (Footloose). She would like to thank and send besos to her parents, Sophia, Beleni, Ashlyn, Shea, McKenzie, Will, and Kayla.@reagankettner


Kayden Kloehn headshot

Kayden Kloehn
is a first-year music theatre major. He has performed in lead roles in productions since elementary school, winning best supporting actor from the Centerstage Awards at the Fox Cities PAC for one of his recent roles. Additionally, he's attended numerous Broadway workshops. He's participated in show choir for seven years, winning best soloist awards. He has toured with Kids From Wisconsin the past two years as a principal singer/dancer previously on the Big Bang Boom Tour, and this past summer on the 55th Anniversary Star Struck Tour. He is always excited to see where life takes him next! @kayden.klo


Isaac Knudsen headshot

Isaac Knudsen
is a sophomore music theatre major from Decatur, Ind. Their Viterbo credits include a Swing in The Pirates of Penzance, Chuck in She Kills Monsters, and Pan/Bud in Bat Boy: The Musical. They are so excited for you to see the show! @isaacknudseng


Katie Kostner headshot

Katie Kostner
can't wait for her second year! She's a music theatre major with minors in dance and music. This semester she'll be performing in She Kills Monsters as a monster and understudying the role of Tilly. She is a member of the Student Theatre Project and a senator in the Student Government Association. She would like to thank her family, friends, and the Viterbo faculty for all they've done. See you soon! www.katiekostner.com


Zachary Lichner headshot

Zachary Lichner
is a sophomore music theatre major who is very excited to be a part of this season! You may have previously seen him as Ensemble (Julian Marsh U/S) in 42nd Street, and Ensemble (Police Sergeant and Major General U/S) in The Pirates of Penzance. You may also have seen him as Ram in student Theatre's production of Heathers: The Musical or touring with the Kids from Wisconsin this summer! Apart from theatre Lichner is involved in student government as the vice president of public relations. He sincerely hopes you enjoy the shows this season and thanks the faculty and everyone involved with these productions.@Zack.lichner


Tucker Mensen headshot

Tucker Mensen
is starting his second year as a music theatre major and dance minor. Past performances with Viterbo include 42nd Street, The Pirates of Penzance and Dance Kaleidoscope. He has been dancing for 15 years and he's extremely excited to be a part of this production. @ticktuck16


AJ Murphy headshot

AJ Murphy
is a first-year music theatre major. She is ecstatic to be pursuing a career at Viterbo and is so grateful to be here. Other than performing she enjoys running, drawing, and baking. @ajazzymurphy


Katie Schafer headshot

Katie Schafer
is so excited to be a part of Viterbo'ss production of Bat Boy: The Musical! She is a third year music theatre major from Macomb, Mich. Past Viterbo credits include understudy Angelo in Measure for Measure, Ensemble in The Pirates of Penzance, and Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street. She would like to thank her friends and family for all of their love and support!@katie__schafer


Jess Schneider headshot

Jess Schneider
is a junior theatre major. She's a Chicago-based actress who's previously been seen in Viterbo productions such as The Elephant Speaks Jazz, The Hello Girls, Heathers: The Musical, and 42nd Street. Schneider also values her work as a theatre camp counselor with the Northbrook Park District in Northbrook, Ill.@jess.not.jessi


Vera Shipley headshot

Vera Shipley
is a junior music theatre major from Minneapolis. Past Viterbo credits include Ensemble in Measure For Measure. She would like to send her love and thanks to her family and friends for their endless love and support.


CJ Zimmer headshot

CJ Zimmer
is a junior music theatre major from Taylor Mill, Ky. Previous credits at Viterbo include CARRIE: The Musical (Ensemble), Footloose (Swing), and Pirates of Penzance (Pirate/Police). They would like to thank their family and friends for their constant support! @cj.zimmer1

Production Team


Teddy Eck headshot

Teddy Eck
is in his third year of teaching at Viterbo. He teaches various theatre performance classes, arts administration courses, and leads the stage management program. His professional experience includes working as a performer at various Off-Broadway and LORT theatres, cruise ships, tours, and regional theatre as well as in commercials/industrials, feature films, and TV appearances. In addition, Eck has held various administrative positions at theatres and arts organizations across the county. His current passions include using interactive and immersive performance techniques (VR/AR/XR) to continue to enhance the ability to build empathy and compassion within live performances. www.teddyeck.com


Matt Salvo headshot

Matt Salvo
is delighted to fully join the Viterbo faculty this year as a full-time instructor. He has been involved with Viterbo as an adjunct and freelancer in the areas of vocal coaching, accompanying, electronic music design, and pit keyboard since 2014. He also freelances regionally as a music director, pit musician, and rock keyboardist with his band Flibbertijibbet. Since 2019, Salvo has also joined the summer faculty with Interlochen Arts Camp as a music director. Before returning to La Crosse, he spent time working professionally in Chicago, winning best music direction in the 2020 Chicago Music Theatre Festival for his work on Wonder Women, a new musical. His other music director credits include Company; Follies; Pippin; Winnie the Pooh; Shrek; Oliver!; Iconic, a Cabaret,; Next to Normal; Titanic; and many more.


Vic Pardon headshot

Vic Pardon
was born-and-raised Georgian from Mableton. She is ecstatic about graduating from Viterbo with a BFA in music theatre and a dance minor. During her four years at the Conservatory for the Performing Arts, she has been seen as Andy Lee in 42nd Street, Mae in The Pajama Game, and was a featured performer for many Platinum Edition show choir performances. She has also found a passion for choreography and has had many opportunities such as choreographing for Lysistrata, The Hello Girls, Diamond Edition show choir, and is currently working on Bat Boy: The Musical. She is excited about her next adventure and sends love to her family back home. Love you sis! @vic.pardon.73


Lauren Bergquist headshot

Lauren Bergquist
is a senior theatre major with a minor in arts administration and is thrilled to be a part of this production. Previous Viterbo credits include Everybody, The Elephant Speaks Jazz, Measure for Measure, and The Pirates of Penzance. She would like to thank you for supporting live theatre. Enjoy the show! @laurenmbergquist


Bailey Millimaki headshot

Bailey Millimaki
is a junior theatre major with a minor in dance. She was most recently seen as Juliet in Viterbo's production of Measure for Measure and was a part of Dance Kaleidoscope as a dancer last spring. She spent this past summer studying acting for film in Los Angeles and is very excited to continue her work on camera this year as a co-president of Viterbo's film club. She would like to thank her support system (you know who you are) and all of the amazing professors and faculty at Viterbo. Proverbs 16:9. @baileyy.katee


Marie Faustina Peterson headshot

Marie Faustina Peterson
is a senior music theatre major. Past Viterbo credits include: Why Love? (Cabaret, and playing Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance. She simply adores time with her family and friends, creating art of any kind, and all that life has to offer. She hopes you enjoy the show and are able to take something for yourself from this performance. Thank you!


Alexandra Holzem headshot

Alexandra Holzem
is a 2020 Viterbo alumna with a bachelor of arts degree in theatre and minor in arts administration. As the costume shop supervisor, her sewing work has been seen in various show at Viterbo University for the past 3 seasons. She spends her summers as the wardrobe supervisor at Des Moines Metro Opera. She would like to thank her husband Joe for his constant love, support, and patience during tech weeks. The costume designs for Bat Boy: The Musical are done in honor to her mentor Jeff Stolz who passed in 2019.


Teena Sauvola headshot

Teena Sauvola
is coming up on her 15-year anniversary in the entertainment industry. She earned a theatre degree from Viterbo in 2008. Starting with small theatrical designs, she's now transitioned into the themed entertainment world around six years ago. She wanted to take the storytelling skills she gained in theatre and apply them to immersive projects in theme parks around the world. Since diving into the themed entertainment industry, she has worked with world renowned companies like Disney Live Entertainment, Entertainment Design Corporation, and THG Creative. Her talents have been used on projects ranging from intimate theatre productions, theme park attractions, cruise ships designs, and epic nighttime spectaculars. In her free time, she runs her own art business both online and at local art fairs. TeenaSauvola.com


Madi Bollinger headshot

Madi Bollinger
is a recent addition to the Viterbo team. Hailing from California, she brings a diverse skill set encompassing lighting, sound, and scenic design, as well as experience as an assistant technical director and stagecraft teacher. Holding a BA in technical theatre from CSU Fresno and an MFA in technical direction from the University of Idaho, Bollinger is well-prepared to contribute to the excellence of Viterbo's theatrical productions. She brings a wealth of experience, showcasing her expertise in lighting design for notable productions such as Mary Poppins, Be More Chill, Arabian Nights, and Clybourne Park. Additionally, her scenic design credits include Mamma Mia, Into The Woods, and Freaky Friday. Notably, Madi has taken on the role of Fly Lead in the following productions: Disney's Descendants, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Spongebob Musical, and more.


Ian Zempel< headshot

Ian Zempel
is a senior music theatre major from Sheboygan. On stage, has been seen in the Footloose ensemble and as Orcus in She Kills Monsters. Off stage, he has been heard engineering sound for In Limbo, Lysistrata, CARRIE: the Musical, Measure for Measure, The Pirates of Penzance, and the Viterbo senior showcase. He looks forward to more explorations of music and theatre both on campus and in the community! @b_r_i_b_e


Kelsey Taunt headshot

Kelsey Taunt
has been working as a freelance theatre artist/designer/teacher for over 15 years. She has a BA in theatre from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, with a double emphasis in design and acting. Taunt is excited to be a part of Viterbo's Conservatory for the Performing Arts.


Elisabeth Meyer headshot

Elisabeth Meyer
is a junior theatre major with a dance minor from New Berlin. Previous Viterbo credits include Kaliope in She Kills Monsters, ensemble in Measure for Measure, and The Elephant Speaks Jazz (Sam/Lucy US). Viterbo design credits include assistant costume/hair/makeup designer for 42nd Street and costume/hair/makeup designer for Student Theatre Project's Heathers: The Musical. "Thank you to Alex and Jen for helping me get through. Shoutout always to God and to my family and friends–the reasons I can do what I do! I love you so much! Shoutout also to the La Crosse Dunkin'."" @liz_hope_3


Jason Underferth headshot

Jason Underferth
is a seasoned lighting designer with over two decades of experience illuminating the stages of the Midwest. He has dedicated the past decade to shaping the theatrical landscape as the production manager and lighting design lecturer at Saint Mary's University in Winona, Minn. During his tenure, he has artfully designed the visual components for more than 40 shows. Notable productions in Jason's portfolio include Man of La Mancha and Enchanted April, both showcased at The Commonweal Theatre Company. Now embarking on his second year at Viterbo, Underferth is eager to contribute his expertise as the production manager for the Conservatory for the Performing Arts. He looks forward to creating memorable experiences for the Conservatory's upcoming performances through his lighting designs.


Chad Kolbe headshot

Chad Kolbe
is an associate professor of theatre in his 18th year teaching at Viterbo. He teaches design and technology courses such as stage craft, principles of design, theatre practicum, and stage lighting. He also serves as technical director and lighting designer for the theatre and music theatre department. Before beginning his journey at Viterbo, Kolbe served as instructor and technical director at The University of Northern Iowa. For six years, Kolbe served as the technical director for the Texas Shakespeare Festival in Kilgore, Texas. Before that he served three years as carpenter, head rigger, and assistant technical director for The Des Moines Metro Opera. He enjoys time with family and being outside exploring all La Crosse and the surrounding areas have to offer.


Mary Trotter

Mary Trotter
joined the UW-La Crosse theatre and dance faculty in fall 2023. She teaches acting and musical theatre and most recently directed The Wolves! She is an actor, director, and intimacy choreographer. Professional credits span the country including Black Hills Playhouse, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Imagination Theater, Missouri Repertory Theatre, and Idaho Repertory Theatre. Locally Trotter has served as intimacy director for Viterbo University, La Crosse Community Theatre, and Grey Area Productions. In addition to receiving her BA from Bradley University and MFA from the University of Idaho, she has extensive training with Patsy Rodenburg, Theatrical Intimacy Education, and the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium. Trotter has produced and directed theatre outreach programs such as Las Memorias and The Performance Project, focused on defining and sharing individual stories of participants.


Maddy Ballard headshot

Maddy Ballard
is a senior theatre major and dance minor. Recent credits include Gabby in Dad's Season Tickets, Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar, Ensemble/Betty Blast in Footloose, Silly Girl in Beauty and The Beast, Understudy/Dance Captain in The Hello Girls and choreographer of Heathers: The Musical. She is also the artistic director of Viterbo's Student Theatre Project and president of Viterbo's Student Government Association. Much love to Mom, Dad, and Ben! @madelynoliviab


Alli Austin headshot

Alli Austin
is a first-year Viterbo student majoring in theatre with an emphasis on stage management. She has recently been involved in the Viterbo production of She Kills Monsters as an assistant stage manager and has many projects already planned for the future.@alli.mae.23


Anna Martinson headshot

Anna Martinson
is a senior theatre major from Mahtomedi, Minn. They were last seen on the Viterbo stage in the ensemble in Measure for Measure and the understudy for Usher/God/Understanding in Everybody. She was also recently in Student Theatre Project's productions of Heathers: The Musical and Puffs. They would like to thank their friends, their professors, and of course their family for always being there for them. She hopes you enjoy the show! @Anna_martinson75


Sophie Klemp headshot

Sophie Klemp
is a first-year theatre major. They are excited to participate as a crew member for upcoming productions.


Mahlivanh Fleckenstein headshot

Mahlivanh Fleckenstein
is a senior theatre major. They have been involved with theatre since their first year of high school in their hometown of West Salem. Fleckenstein spent this past summer performing in Dog Sees God and Legally Blonde: The Musical with La Crosse Community Theatre. This fall, you may spot Fleckenstein getting eaten and/or dismembered in She Kills Monsters. Oh my! They would like to leave you with this quote from Neil Gaiman's Stardust, "You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen." @mahlivanh


Adelaide Young headshot

Adelaide Young
is a junior music theatre major with a dance minor from Ill. Her past Viterbo credits include Helen Hill in The Hello Girls, Claudio/Mariana Understudy in Measure for Measure, and Understudy/Stunt monster in She Kills Monsters. She'dd like to thank Heather and Erik above all else for being perfect parents and West Ave Kwik Trip. @adelaiderhyss


Helen Riddle headshot

Helen Riddle
is a sophomore music theatre student originally from Minneapolis. She can be found performing in local Emerging Professionals Ensemble productions. She would like to thank her family and peers for endless support. @helen.riddle7

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