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Show Information


Conceived and Originally Directed


Originally Produced on the New York Stage by EDGAR LANSBURY/ STUART DUNCAN/

The show will run for approximately
2 hours.

There will be one 15-minute intermission.

Haze and fog will be used during this production.

Any video and/or audio recording of this
production is strictly prohibited.

Music for By My Side was written
by PEGGY GORDON and the lyrics
thereof by JAY HAMBURGER.

is presented through special arrangement
with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials
are also supplied by MTI.

From the President
Rick Trietley headshot

Dear Arts Patrons,

Welcome to this 2023–24 performing arts season production. The quality programming you are about to enjoy, and in which the university community takes so much pride, would be impossible without our friends, benefactors, and audience members. We are very pleased to have you join us.

This season is an expanded and eclectic mix of music, drama, music theatre, and stand-up comedy performed by outstanding artists ranging from nationally known acts to Viterbo students. The carefully crafted schedule reflects our dedication to upholding the legacy of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and their goal of sharing the wonder of the arts with everyone in the region.

To all Viterbo arts patrons, benefactors, sponsors, volunteers, artists, and students, thank you very much for your continued support.

Enjoy the show!

“Pace e Bene”
Peace and all good
Rick Trietley signature
Rick Trietley
Viterbo University President

Conservatory Note
Rick Walters headshot

Welcome to the Viterbo University Conservatory for the Performing Arts. We’re so glad you’ve joined in this shared experience of live theatre and music. There’s nothing else quite like it.

This season promises a tapestry of emotions, stories, and melodies, from the enchanting glamour of 42nd Street to the quirky brilliance of Bat Boy: The Musical, and the soul-stirring magic of Godspell.

We’re pleased to bring you new works from some of the most current voices in American theatre. In She Kills Monsters, Obie-award-winner Qui Nguyen offers up a genre-bending “Dungeons and Dragons” romp that can make you laugh even when you’re not supposed to. Tar Beach by Tammy Ryan drops us into 1977 on a New York City rooftop where an overstressed electrical grid leads to a city-wide blackout and the loss of innocence.

Feel the warmth of the holidays with the music of A Viterbo Christmas: The Holly and The Ivy, blending timeless carols and modern classics to launch the season. And in February, mark your calendars for the jazz-inspired romantic short opera, Later That Same Evening.

Thank you for joining us on this artistic journey as we explore new worlds, challenge perspectives, and create memories that last long after the final curtain.

Rick Walters signature
Rick Walters
Executive Artistic Director
Conservatory for the Performing Arts

Director's Note
Erin Jerozal headshot

This production is set up as a modern pop concert headlined by a girl who saw hope and beauty in the parables and wanted to heal the world.

This version, this Jesus, is an exploration of community in a very modern world. After a summer (and Super Bowl) of Taylor Swift, Barbie, Britney, and Beyonce, I felt inspired to explore: Who gathers a community in 2024 for singing and healing and laughter and dancing and friendship bracelets? Who is both worshiped and condemned for doing so?

This isn’t the story of Jesus as you may know it to be. This isn’t a production of Godspell as you may know it to be. In addition to using the 2012 Broadway revival version of the show, the character of “Jesus” in this production of Godspell is being played by a female actor. This casting is not meant to represent history, as that has never been the goal of Godspell. The authors (and the script) encourage productions to update references and casting to help highlight the power of the parables to create community in a fractured world.

So, lean into the event—dance, laugh, cheer, sing, turn on your bracelets when the time is right, and check out @thepreparetour on Instagram at intermission!

–Erin Jerozal

Dramaturgical Note
Beth Anderson headshot

Taking on the role of Biblical dramaturg in this production of Godspell is such a blessing and honestly an answered prayer. It combines my two biggest passions: faith and theatre. I’ve learned so much more about the Bible and it’s been a wonderful exercise of stepping out in boldness to proclaim the Gospel among my peers and friends. My process included notating the scripture that the libretto references, as well as using Bible commentary websites such as Bibleref.com. My process also included praying for wisdom to communicate the themes and concepts to the cast in a way that contextualizes it for them and is honoring to God. I hope no matter what your faith journey has been up to this point, that this show inspires you to catch a glimpse of the unwavering love of God for each and every individual viewer.

–Beth Anderson


Time: Now
Place: Here

Synopsis of Scenes

Pre-Show Music
Adelaide Rhys

Prologue/Tower of Babble
Prepare Ye
Save the People
Day By Day
Learn Your Lessons Well
Bless the Lord
All for the Best
All Good Gifts
Light of the World

Learn Your Lessons Well (Reprise)
Turn Back, O Man
Alas For You
By My Side
We Beseech Thee
Beautiful City
On the Willows


Jesus: Payton Seacrist
Judas: Connor Martin

Day By Day Soloist: Ashlyn Cox
Learn Your Lessons Well Soloist: Lauren Canfield
Bless the Lord Soloist: Sophie La Fave
All Good Gifts Soloist: Colin Cada
Light of the World Soloist: Clay Corley
Turn Back, O Man Soloist: Kalyn Schmit
By My Side Soloist: Trey’Lon Salley
We Beseech Thee Soloist: Xavier Carnicom

Beth Anderson
(understudy Bless the Lord Soloist),
McKenzie Greenwood
(understudy Learn Your Lessons Well Soloist),
Braeden Jackson
(understudy Light of the World Soloist,)
Mouahlou Xiong
(understudy Judas and All Good Gifts Soloist)

Sydney Ellis
(understudy Day By Day Soloist),
Victoria (Tori) Greenlaw
(understudy By My Side Soloist),
Abby Schrunk
(understudy Turn Back, O Man Soloist),
Sony Vassor
(understudy We Beseech Thee Soloist),
Annie Voss
(understudy Jesus)


Conductor/Keyboard 1: Janette Hanson

Keyboard 2: Matt Salvo

Guitar: Paul Leithold, Joe Gantzer

Bass: Karyn Quinn

Drums: Rich MacDonald

Production Team

Director: Erin Jerozal

Music Director: Janette Hanson

Choreographers: Halle Utterback, McKenzie Russ

Production Stage Manager: Will Handrick

Scenic Designer: Sadie Ward

Lighting Designer: Jason Underferth

Costume Designer: Jen Brown

Properties Designer: Kelsey Taunt

Sound Designer/Engineer: Eric Glazewski

Hair and Makeup Designer: Shea Grande

Fight Choreographer: Teddy Eck

Assistant Director: Joshua Terrones

Assistant Stage Manager: Ellie Parish

Assistant Costume Designer: Makayla Taylor

Assistant Lighting Designer: Abbey Messing

Biblical Dramaturg: Beth Anderson

Social Media Designer: Braydon Schoeffling

Dance Captain: Sony Vassor

Fight Captain: Colin Cada

Production Manager: Jason Underferth

Technical Director: Chad Kolbe

Lead Electrician: Madi Bollinger

Assistant Electrician: Samuel Asid

Costume Shop Supervisor: Alexandra Holzem

Prop Shop Supervisor: Kelsey Taunt

Assistant Props Designer: Megan Wheelock

Production Crew

Deck Supervisor: Afton Fuson

Costume Run Crew Supervisor: Isaac Knudsen

Hair/Makeup Supervisor: Ainsley Alrutz

Light Board Operator: Calvin Pierce

Sound Run/Microphones: Jake Aune

Follow Spot Operators: Vera Shipley, Zack Lichner

Costume Run Crew: AJ Murphy, Carley Clover

Scenic Run Crew: Alanna Sawall, Katie Kostner,
Tucker Mensen, Brandon Rundquist

Lighting/Electricians: Ashlyn Cox, Colin Cada,
Connor Martin

Costume Build Crew: Malia Meyer, Elisabeth Meyer, Annie Voss, Xavier Carnicom, Kayla Taylor, Abby Schrunk, Jess Schneider, Sydney Ellis, Adelaide Young, Joie Steele, Braeden Jackson, Bailey Millimaki, Gabby Moten, Lauren Canfield, Jillian Kohl, Shea Grande, Jen Brown, Alexandra Holzem

Scenic Build Crew: Clay Corley, Kayden Kloehn, Sony Vassor, Trey'lon Salley, Emma Phillips, Spencer Curtis, Kalyn Schmit, Sam Asid, Virginia Foshee

Prop Build Crew: Megan Wheelock, Sydney Ellis, Braeden Jackson, Robby Alston, Willow Kasper

Special Thanks: Ryan Taunt, Shira Ginsburg, Emily Craver



Beth Anderson headshot

Beth Anderson
is a junior musical theatre major with minors in dance and arts administration from Warrensburg, MO. She is ecstatic to be in Godspell as member of Jesus’ entourage and combine her passions of faith and theatre as the biblical dramaturg. She is very grateful because it’s her favorite show and very sentimental to her. You may have seen Anderson in Viterbo’s production of 42nd Street as Phyllis. She extends all glory to God and thanks to her family, friends, and to both the faculty here at Viterbo and Center Stage Academy in Missouri. 1 Peter 4:10 . @bethhandersonn4


Colin Cada headshot

Colin Cada
is a junior theatre major with a dance minor from Winona. His previous Viterbo Conservatory productions include CARRIE: The Musical as an ensemble member, Measure for Measure as Angelo, and The Hello Girls as a swing. He was most recently seen as part of the ensemble of 42nd Street. Cada is incredibly excited to be performing in Godspell this semester with this amazing cast and crew! He would like to thank his loving and supportive parents and friends for always having his back in and outside of the theatre. @colincada


Lauren Canfield headshot

Lauren Canfield
is a senior music theatre major from Round Rock, Texas. At Viterbo, she has been Mariana in Measure for Measure, and an understudy in the production of Everybody (death/love/girl). She is very excited to see what the future holds after Viterbo and would like to thank her family and close friends for all of their support and love throughout the years! @laurren_elizabethh


Xavier Carnicom headshot

Xavier Carnicom
is a first-year music theatre major. Outside of theatre, he loves to paint, hang with friends, and go thrifting. His favorite roles include Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet, Flo/Madman from Lives of the Saints, and Davey from Newsies. He hopes to continue making friends and would like to thank the ones he has already found. @xcarnicom03


Clay Corley headshot

Clay Corley
is a junior music theatre major with minors in dance and English literature. He is from Lake Charles, La. He has been seen onstage as Froth in Measure for Measure and was an understudy in The Hello Girls. This is his first show on the main stage and he is ecstatic! He wants to thanks his family for always supporting him! @cla.ay


Ashlyn Cox headshot

Ashlyn Cox
is thrilled to be returning to the Viterbo stage! She is a sophomore music theatre major with minors in dance and arts administration. She was last seen in 42nd Street at Viterbo as a member of the ensemble. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support and encouragement throughout her theatrical journey. She hopes you enjoy the show! @ashgcox


Sydney Ellis headshot

Sydney Ellis
is a first-year student from Chatfield, Minn. After a busy season with Viterbo's Concert Choir, she is thrilled to be making her debut on the main stage to wrap up the year. She would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support, and dedicate this performance to her uncle Richard. @Sydneygraceellis


Victoria (Tori) Greenlaw headshot

Victoria (Tori) Greenlaw
is a first-year student pursuing a BFA in theatre. She graduated from the VPA theatre program at Booker High School in Sarasota, Fla. Her first onstage appearance was at age six at Manatee Performing Arts Center, also having been in Evita at the Asolo Repertory Theatre. She is simply thrilled to be a part of this department! @torigreenlaw_


McKenzie Greenwood headshot

McKenzie Greenwood
is a junior music theatre major and English literature minor. Past Viterbo credits include Ensemble in an Student Theatre Project's cabaret, Diamond Edition Show Choir, co-director of Returning Student Review, and Vi Moore in Footloose. She would like to thank her family for their never-ending love and unwavering support, her roommates Will, Shea, and Reagan for never saying no to a game of Uno, and Savannah for always making her smile. @kenzieg7


Sophie La Fave headshot

Sophie La Fave
is a junior music theatre major with an arts administration minor from the Twin Cities. Recent Viterbo credits include: The Hello Girls (Swing), Footloose (Cowboy Bob/Ensemble), and CARRIE: The Musical (Swing). She has a passion for writing, theatre education, and storytelling in general. Outside of the theatre they can be seen crocheting, baking, and laughing loudly. Much love and thanks to Maman, Dave, Cal, and the 4 torts. @sophlafave


Connor Martin headshot

Connor Martin
is a sophomore music theatre major with minors in dance and arts administration. Past Viterbo credits include: The Pirates of Penzance (Sergeant of Police), 42nd Street (Ensemble), and Heathers: The Musical (Ensemble). He is a representative on Student Government Association (SGA), Student Theatre Project (STP), and the season selection committee. He would like to thank his family and friends with their continued support and hopes you enjoy this beautiful show! @connorjoseph.m


Helen Riddle headshot

Trey'lon Salley
(Trey for short) is excited to be stepping into his first year at Viterbo. He is a music theatre major and has journeyed from Fort. Lauderdale. He is a hard worker who doesn't take any moment for granted and hopes that this work is translated on and off stage! @treylonsalley


Kalyn Schmit headshot

Kalyn Schmit
is a senior music theatre major from Sauk Prairie. At Viterbo, she has played Carrie White in CARRIE: The Musical, Escalus in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, and Mabel in The Pajama Game. She has also recently played Pearl Krabs in The Spongebob Musical at Lyric Arts, Ensemble (u/s Heather Duke and Martha) in Heathers: The Musical in Viterbo's Student Theatre Project, and Ronny/Mary in Hair at Exit Left Theatre Company. She would like to thank her family and friends for their endless support! @kalynschmit


Payton Seacrist headshot

Payton Seacrist
is a senior music theatre major and dance minor from Apple Valley, Minn. You may have seen her in 42nd Street, Footloose, CARRIE: The Musical, The Pajama Game, and most recently, making her stage manager debut in The Hello Girls. She wants to give a special shoutout to her parents, Scott and Kris, for their constant love and support. She is so happy you're here! Enjoy the show :) @paytonseac


Braeden Jackson headshot

Braeden Jackson
is a first-year music theatre major from LeClaire, Iowa. Some of his favorite roles include Edward Bloom in Big Fish, D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers, Officer Lockstock in Urinetown, and Ursula in The Little Mermaid Jr. Past directing experience includes Why Do We Laugh? and Ken Ludwig's adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. He has also had the opportunity to choreograph James and the Giant Peach Jr. Jackson was recently recognized as a Triple Threat nominee at the Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards. He hopes you enjoy the show! @braedenjackson.official


Abby Schrunk headshot

Abby Schrunk
is a first-year music theatre major. She is excited to be in her first Viterbo production this semester, Godspell. She looks forward to the rest of her time here at Viterbo. Enjoy this incredible show! @a.b.b.y04


Sony Vassor headshot

Sony Vassor
is a first-year music theatre major. He is super ecstatic to be here! He’s from the “bright, sunny (most times rainy) state” of Florida. He would like to thank his family for all their support in getting him where he is now. You can follow his journey on instagram @sonyvassor.


Annie Voss headshot

Annie Voss
is a first-year student who is thrilled to be pursuing a BFA in music theatre at Viterbo! She could not be more excited to spend the next four years here. She would like to thank her entire family for their continuous support and all her wonderful friends that she is so grateful to be surrounded by. Enjoy the show!


LMouah Xiong headshot

Mouahlou Xiong
is a first-year music theatre major at Viterbo. However, this is his second year in college. He transferred from UW-Stevens Point where he studied as a vocal performance and music education double major. Songwriting, traveling, and gaming are just some of his favorite hobbies. He hopes to learn as much as possible and create meaningful connections during his time at Viterbo. Please feel free to say hi! @mouahlou.xiong

Production Team


Erin Jerozal headshot

Erin Jerozal
is an associate faculty member and current department chair for the theatre and music theatre department. She is an actor (AEA/SAG/ AFTRA), educator, and director. Jerozal earned an MFA in classical acting from the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and earned a BFA in musical theatre from Syracuse University. As an actor, she has worked off-Broadway and regionally in both musicals and plays. Highlights include: Steel Magnolias, Hamlet, The Secret Garden, Company, Measure for Measure, and Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris. While in NYC, Jerozal performed with the long-time musical improv group, Chicago City Limits, as well as with class teams at Upright Citizens Brigade and the Magnet Theater. In addition to her roles in theatre education, Jerozal has worked for over 20 years as a standardized patient medical educator, teaching communication skills for numerous medical schools in New York City and beyond. www.erinjerozal.com


Janette K Hanson headshot

Janette K. Hanson
is a member of the theatre and music theatre faculty at Viterbo, where she serves as collaborative accompanist, vocal coach, music director, pit musician, and rehearsal pianist. She previously served on the faculty at UW-La Crosse, Western Technical College, and Sparta High School. In January 2020, she was chosen to conduct the Wisconsin All-State Vocal Jazz ensemble. She served as the WCDA Vocal Jazz Repertoire and Standards chair and All-State Vocal Jazz coordinator. She also directed the Wisconsin Vocal Jazz Institute from 2009—2014. She judges show choir solo competitions at Viterbo, Onalaska, Holmen, and La Crosse. She served as staff accompanist for the National NATS competition in 2019. She received a Kohl's Teacher Fellowship Award in 2009, and is a member of the VoiceCare Network, American Choral Directors Association, and Music Teachers National Association. She earned a bachelor of music education from Central Missouri State University and a master's degree in education from UW-La Crosse. She maintains a private studio where she gives instruction in a variety of voice and piano styles. She and her husband Mark have four children and four grandchildren. She is an active accompanist, soloist, clinician, and church musician, and gigs with local jazz bands and her guitar-playing husband.


Halle Utterback headshot

Halle Utterback
is a junior music theatre major with a minor in dance from Austin, Texas. She is grateful for the opportunity to choreograph Godspell. She was previously seen on the Viterbo stage as Lorraine Fleming in 42nd Street, dance captain/assistant choreographer/ensemble in Footloose, a swing in CARRIE: The Musical, a dancer in Dance Kaleidoscope and a member of Platinum and Diamond Edition show choirs. Utterback also served as the dance captain/squeegee-man/ensemble in La Crosse Community Theatre's production of Rent. She is a member of Student Government Association, Honors Program/HonorsLeadership Board, an orientation leader and a Viterbo dance tutor. She would like to thank her Viterbo faculty and friends, as well as her amazing family in Texas for their unending love and support. Besos, y'all! @halle.cate


Helen Riddle headshot

McKenzie Russ
is a sophomore music theatre major with minors in dance, arts management, and music performance from Edmond, Okla. Her past Viterbo productions include 42nd Street (assistant choreographer/swing/dance captain), The Pirates of Penzance (swing), and Dance Kaleidoscope. On top of productions, she is involved at Viterbo through film club, 9th Street Singers, and is one of the co-founders of Dance Coalition. She would like to thank her friends, family, and professors for their constant encouragement and support. Enjoy the show! @mckenzie_kay__


Will Handrick headshot

Will Handrick
is so excited to be back on a production team at Viterbo this semester! He is a queer theatre artist from northern Wisconsin and aside from theatre, enjoys vinyl records, coffee, and spending time with his dog Woody. Prior Viterbo credits include stage manager for Speed Dating Tonight, Measure for Measure, Dance Kaleidoscope 2023, and 42nd Street; as well as costume/hair/makeup work on Footloose, Significant Other, and The Pirates of Penzance. Handrick would like to give a shoutout to his loving, supportive family and his roommates Shea, Reagan, and Kenzie who all keep him grounded and afloat. @willixmh_


Sadie Ward headshot

Sadie Ward
is a Twin Cities artist. You may have seen some of her scenic and prop design work at Park Square, Theatre in the Round, Theatre Unbound, Theatre Pro Rata, The Phipps, Stages Theatre Company, Lyric Arts, and Minnesota Opera. In our disposable modern world, she tries to incorporate recycled and upcycled elements into her theatre designs and artwork. Ward also creates brart (bra-art). She takes old bras, cuts them up, and makes portraits of women. She is a co-founder of Next Stage Rental and Market and the executive director of the Minneapolis Green Theatre Alliance. Unleashthecreativebeast


Jason Underferth headshot

Jason Underferth
is a seasoned lighting designer with over two decades of experience illuminating the stages of the Midwest. He has dedicated the past decade to shaping the theatrical landscape as the production manager and lighting design lecturer at Saint Mary's University in Winona, Minn. During his tenure, he has artfully designed the visual components for more than 40 shows. Notable productions in Jason's portfolio include Man of La Mancha and Enchanted April, both showcased at The Commonweal Theatre Company. Now embarking on his second year at Viterbo, Underferth is eager to contribute his expertise as the production manager for the Conservatory for the Performing Arts. He looks forward to creating memorable experiences for the Conservatory's upcoming performances through his lighting designs.

This design is dedicated to Underferth's dad who passed March 6, 2024 from cancer complications. He was always a huge supporter of his son's work in the arts.


Kelsey Taunt headshot

Kelsey Taunt
has been working as a freelance theatre artist/designer/teacher for more than 15 years. She has a BA in theatre from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, with a double emphasis in design and acting. Taunt is excited to be a part of Viterbo's Conservatory for the Performing Arts.


Shea Grande headshot

Shea Grande
is a junior music theatre major with minors in dance and arts administration from Chattanooga, Tenn. Her most recent credits include Ensemble/Peggy Sawyer U/S in 42nd Street (Viterbo University), Ensemble/Maureen U/S in RENT (LCT), and Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast (LCT). You might have seen her hair/wig/makeup designs for past Viterbo shows like The Hello Girls, Measure for Measure, and She Kills Monsters. She would like to thank Reagan, McKenzie, and Will for always keeping her a float and mom and Bill for being her biggest fans. @sheagrande


Teddy Eck headshot

Teddy Eck
is in his third year of teaching at Viterbo. He teaches various theatre performance classes, arts administration courses, and leads the stage management program. His professional experience includes working as a performer at various Off-Broadway and LORT theatres, cruise ships, tours, and regional theatre as well as in commercials/industrials, feature films, and TV appearances. In addition, Eck has held various administrative positions at theatres and arts organizations across the county. His current passions include using interactive and immersive performance techniques (VR/AR/XR) to continue to enhance the ability to build empathy and compassion within live performances. www.teddyeck.com


Joshua Terrones headshot

Joshua Terrones
is a senior music theatre major. You may have seen Terrones recently in Significant Other (Jordan), Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere), and Footloose (Travis/Ensemble). Terrones would like to thank Ainsley for doing the dishes and his family for their love and support. "Be Bold!" @joshuaterrones


Ellie Parish headshot

Ellie Parish
is a sophomore music theatre major. You may have seen her as ensemble in Viterbo Student Theatre Project's production of Heathers: The Musical last year. She was thrilled to be playing Reenie in Tar Beach. She hopes you enjoy the show! @elliecparish


Makayla Taylor headshot

Makayla Taylor
is a sophomore music theatre major. She is thrilled to be back on stage this year. You may have seen her previously as a Maiden/Mabel understudy in The Pirates of Penzance. Besides performing she is a part of Student Theatre Project and the season selection committee. She wants to thank her parents and twin sister for all their support, and is excited to see what this year has in store! @Kayla_Taylor207


Tucker Mensen headshot

Abbey Messing
is a sophomore music theatre major with minors in dance and arts administration. She made her Viterbo debut in the ensemble of 42nd Street this school year. It is not her main stage debut though, as she had the privilege of performing in the final season of show choir with Diamond Edition. Her family and friends are her rock and she is forever grateful. @abbeys_playlist


Braydon Schoeffling headshot

Braydon Schoeffling
is a first-year music theatre major. He has been in many shows both on-stage and off-stage at Portage Center for the Arts and Pardeeville High School. @braydondayne


Chad Kolbe headshot

Chad Kolbe
is an associate professor of theatre in his 18th year teaching at Viterbo. He teaches design and technology courses such as stage craft, principles of design, theatre practicum, and stage lighting. He also serves as technical director and lighting designer for the theatre and music theatre department. Before beginning his journey at Viterbo, Kolbe served as instructor and technical director at The University of Northern Iowa. For six years, Kolbe served as the technical director for the Texas Shakespeare Festival in Kilgore, Texas. Before that he served three years as carpenter, head rigger, and assistant technical director for The Des Moines Metro Opera. He enjoys time with family and being outside exploring all La Crosse and the surrounding areas have to offer.


Madi Bollinger headshot

Madi Bollinger
is a recent addition to the Viterbo team. Hailing from California, she brings a diverse skill set encompassing lighting, sound, and scenic design, as well as experience as an assistant technical director and stagecraft teacher. Holding a BA in technical theatre from CSU Fresno and an MFA in technical direction from the University of Idaho, Bollinger is well-prepared to contribute to the excellence of Viterbo's theatrical productions. She brings a wealth of experience, showcasing her expertise in lighting design for notable productions such as Mary Poppins, Be More Chill, Arabian Nights, and Clybourne Park. Additionally, her scenic design credits include Mamma Mia, Into The Woods, and Freaky Friday. Notably, Madi has taken on the role of Fly Lead in the following productions: Disney's Descendants, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Spongebob Musical, and more.


Samual Asid headshot

Samual Asid
is a first-year theatre major from Blaine, Minn. He loves listening to music, watching films, and writing. He started theatre in third grade but decided to pursue it as a career after doing one-act competitions in high school. @samitda_


Alexandra Holzem headshot

Alexandra Holzem
is a 2020 Viterbo alumna with a bachelor of arts degree in theatre and minor in arts administration. As the costume shop supervisor, her sewing work has been seen in various shows at Viterbo University for the past three seasons. She spends her summers as the wardrobe supervisor at Des Moines Metro Opera. She would like to thank her husband Joe for his constant love, support, and patience during tech weeks.


Megan Wheelock headshot

Megan Wheelock
is a junior music theatre major with a minor in dance. Her Viterbo credits include being involved in the swing company of Footloose, Martha Dunnstock in Student Theatre Project's production of Heathers: The Musical, and Evil Tina in She Kills Monsters. She would like to thank her friends and family for all of their continuous support. @meganelisewheelock

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