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From the President
Rick Trietley headshot

Dear Arts Patrons,

Welcome to this 2023–24 performing arts season production. The quality programming you are about to enjoy, and in which the university community takes so much pride, would be impossible without our friends, benefactors, and audience members. We are very pleased to have you join us.

This season is an expanded and eclectic mix of music, drama, music theatre, and stand-up comedy performed by outstanding artists ranging from nationally known acts to Viterbo students. The carefully crafted schedule reflects our dedication to upholding the legacy of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and their goal of sharing the wonder of the arts with everyone in the region.

To all Viterbo arts patrons, benefactors, sponsors, volunteers, artists, and students, thank you very much for your continued support.

Enjoy the show!

“Pace e Bene”
Peace and all good
Rick Trietley signature
Rick Trietley
Viterbo University President


Mallrats Presents MTV Unplugged

Mallrats MTV Unplugged

MTV Unplugged was a television series that showcased the biggest musical artists of the 90s. These musical performances were filmed and recorded in front of small audiences and as the title implies, the bands played acoustic instruments. The sparse stage set-ups, subdued lighting, and acoustic arrangements made for some of the most memorable live performances of the decade.

Mallrats Presents: MTV Unplugged will capture all the essence and nostalgia of the best of those shows: the stage, the lighting, the vibe, and most importantly—the music. Mallrats will perform songs from some of the biggest acts that performed on Unplugged including Eric Clapton, Alanis Morisette, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and many others.

Mallrats has put together the ultimate '90s date night performance that will take audiences back to the time when Ross and Rachel ruled the TV, grunge ruled the radio, and MTV actually played music. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to unplug. As Mallrats Presents: MTV Unplugged.


Donte Allen headshot

Donte Allen
the accomplished keyboardist for the Mallrats, holds a Master's Degree in piano performance from St. Cloud State University. His incredible musical journey includes contributing to original bands such as The Only and The Arcanes. While touring across the country, Donte has been able to showcase his diverse and dynamic musical talents to the music-listening world at large.


Donovan Hannu  headshot

Donovan Hannu
and his family treated the decision about what music to play as an incredibly important one. After years of listening to a wide variety of music and encouragement from his musical friends he decided to take up the bass guitar. After plunking away for five minutes, he called his cousin and begged him to start a band. That band Dick Pronto would go on to write an album and play countless shows across central Minnesota. A couple of decades and several bands later he finds himself playing these amazing acoustic shows with Mallrats (and his cousin Brady).


Brady Hermel headshot

Brady Hermel
said after watching Chuck Berry duck-walk and Ace Frehley set his six-string aflame, he knew the guitar was his ticket to rock. Joining forces with his cousin Donovan, he turned a one-night gig at a local VFW into 20-plus years of making music. Whether opening for Quiet Riot, writing original songs, or performing with the drummer from Tesla, he has been there. During his never-ending musical journey, he has performed more than 675 different songs in front of audiences across the Midwest. He lives in Onamia, Minn. with his wife Katie and their two children Ella and Paige.


Kyle Jacobson  headshot

Kyle Jacobson
has been around live music for most of his life. He got started with percussion early because his father was also a rock drummer that played in several bands from the late 80s on. Jacobson started his first band, Johnsdale Myth while still in high school with some lifelong buddies that he still jams with. Since then, he has played all across Minnesota and the five—state region. He lives in Minneapolis with his very patient wife Beth and their kids Jackson, Kennedy and McKinley.


Dan Schepers headshot

Dan Schepers
has been a guitar instructor for 25–plus years in Minnesota and has been with St. Cloud’s Wirth Center School of Rock camp for eight years. Outside of Mallrats, he has played in everything from original hard rock projects like Seazon of the Fly to pop music projects with Michael Shynes. He has also performed in numerous different tribute bands including the music of The Cars, Steve Miller, and The Beatles.


Mark Schultz  headshot

Mark Schultz
is the energetic frontman of Mallrats. He enjoys performing across the country and entertaining audiences from arenas to theatres. Some of his most memorable performances include playing at festivals with Stone Temple Pilots, Candlebox, and the Gin Blossoms. Schultz also auditioned for The Voice in New York City and in 2023 won the Central MN Idol competition. Schultz, his wife Misty, and their four children reside in Sauk Rapids, Minn.


Megan Struxness  headshot

Megan Struxness
is the daughter of two musicians. She was singing before she could walk. She has performed in both original and cover bands throughout the Twin Cities area, and auditioned for American Idol in Minneapolis. Some of her favorite on stage appearances are when she gets to perform alongside her older sister and younger brother. Struxness, her husband Richard, and their two children live in Saint Michael, Minn.


Eric Winscher headshot

Eric Winscher
grew up in a small town in Central Minnesota. During his early years in middle school jazz band, Winscher gained an interest in percussion, and he has been active in the performing arts ever since. He adores his wife and two daughters and lives in Excelsior, Minn. where they spend their free time camping, boating, playing music together, and an occasional game of speed “Sorry”. During his 9-5, Winscher is a busy financial professional and is a founding partner of Ambassador Wealth Advisors. Growing up in the '90s, when MTV played music videos, this show has provided him an outlet for the ultimate nostalgia.

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