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Show Information

The performance will run approximately 90 minutes without an intermission.

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

Strobe lights, haze, and fog will be used during this performance.

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La Crosse Tribune
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From the President

Dear Arts Supporters,

On behalf of everyone at ­Viterbo University, I would like to welcome you to the Fine Arts Center as we celebrate the return of in-person performances. The pandemic necessitated a year and a half-long pause in our live event schedule, and both our artists and audience members have been sorely missed. It is truly great to have you with us.

It’s only fitting that the Fine Arts Center should be fully used to its intended purpose during its 50th anniversary year. Opened in 1971, it remains not only the premier arts facility in the region, but also a wonderful testament to the vision and courage of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration who made it possible. Their collective love and appreciation for the arts led to countless cultural opportunities in the greater La Crosse community and has enhanced all our lives.

New Fine Arts Center director Dillion McArdle and his staff have an outstanding season planned for you this year. I invite you to pick up an On Stage book or visit the Viterbo website for the complete schedule. There is a wide variety of offerings from which to choose, and tickets make wonderful gifts. Included in the schedule are the Conservatory for the Performing Arts student productions. I am continually amazed at the incredible talent of our students, and seeing them put it to use always fills me with pride, no matter their role, pursuit, or field of study.

While live performances and other events have returned, we must remain vigilant in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. I ask that you adhere to the university’s safety policies, including remaining masked while anywhere inside the building.

The arts will always be an integral part of the Viterbo University experience, which is made even more special through the support of our patrons, benefactors, sponsors, and volunteers. It would not be the same without you. Thank you.

Rick Trietley, President

Song List

One Wild Night, arr. Garrett Breeze
Members of Platinum Edition, Jake Aune and
Robby Alston

I'm in Love with a Monster, arr. Mac Huff
Members of Platinum Edition, Sophie La Fave

Someone Like You (from Jekyll & Hyde),
arr. Stave Tramack
Coulee Classic

Turn Up the Music/Dance to the Music,
arr. Martin Hearne
Members of Platinum Edition

My Boyfriend's Back, arr. Mark Brymer
Members of Diamond Edition with Elisabeth Meyer

Born This Way/Applause, arr. Roger Emerson/Mac Huff

Members of Platinum Edition

The Girl from Impanema, Antonia Carlos Jobim
Rachael Armstrong

Ain't No Other Man, arr. Jeff Bowen
Members of Diamond Edition, Jessica Schneider

Sunflower, Post Malone
Aren Alexander-Batee, Payton Harper, and Halle Utterback

Who Doesn't Listen to Music, Phase Three: Jake Aune, Spencer Curtis, and Sophie La Fave
(writers and members)

When We Were Young, Adele Adkins and
Tobias Jesso Jr.
Kambrie Prochazka and Jack Scharrer

Ain't Nothing Wrong With That, arr. Anita Cracauer
Members of Platinum Edition with Ian Zempel

Come What May, arr. Anita Cracauer
Members of Platinum Edition

Straight Up, arr. Anita Cacauer
Members of Diamond Edition

Don't Tell Me You Love Me, arr. Anita Cacauer
Bass and Tenor Members of Platinum Edition

Heartbreaker, arr. Anita Cacauer
Soprano and Alto Members of Platinum Edition

I Found You, Phase Three: Jake Aune, Spencer Curtis, Sophie La Fave (writers and members)

Mamma Mia! Highlights from the Movie Soundtrack, arr. Mac Huff
Members of Platinum Edition

Mama Who Bore Me, arr. Lisa De Spain
Members of Diamond Edition

Cuddle Up a Little Closer, arr. Clay Hine
Coulee Classic

One Short Day/Defying Gravity,
arr. Anita Cracauer
Members of Platinum Edition
with Julia Harlos and Rachel Ponder

What If, arr. Jeffry Bowen
Members of Diamond and Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition

Nancy Allen, Shane Rhoades
Dance Captains:
Aren Alexander–Batee, Payton Harper,
Jack Scharrer, Mason Wold

Aren Alexander-Batte*+, Robby Alston,
Ainsley Altruz, Rachel Armstrong,
Jake Aune, Madelyn O. Ballard,
Sophia Barbato, Yassie Bonner,
Ruby Brisco, Colin Cada,
Clay Corley, Iraya Cress*,
Spencer Curtis, Peter Doherty,
Virginia Foshee, Juila Harlos,
Payton Harper, Rae Hurlock,
Maxwell Larson, Levi Magnuson,
Lukas Nederloe, Vic Pardon,
Calvin Pierce, Emma Phillips,
Rachel Ponder, Kambrie Prochazka*,
Bri Reilly, Brandon Rundquist,
Jack Scharrer, Evan Schmit,
Payton Seacrist, Abby Seim,
Kiley Silva, Addison Stevenson,
Zach Sullivan, Joshua Terrones,
Josey Terry, Mariana Villanueva,
Katie Wall, Ellyn A. Werner*+,
Mason Wold*, Ian Zempel,
CJ Zimmer

*Recipient of Thiher Family Platinum Edition Scholarship
+Recipient of Keith and Mary Carson Platinum Edition Scholarship

Diamond Edition

Nancy Allen, Shane Rhoades
Dance Captains:
Vic Pardon, Iraya Cress

Beth Anderson, Alessandra Betchner,
MeiSi Chang, Hazel B. Chaudoir,
Iraya Cress, Savannah H. Deshazo,
Ryan N. Dettbarn, Isabella C. Dippel,
Kelsie Dosher, Shea B. Grande,
McKenzie A. Greenwood, Reagan P. Kettner,
Sophie L. La Fave, Elisabeth H. Meyer,
Bailey K. Millimaki, Sophia R. Niblock,
JaymeAnn Olson, Carmen Ortiz,
Vic Pardon, Courtney M. Piepenburg,
Katie R. Schafer, Jessica Schneider,
Vera Shipley, Shannon E. Starkloff,
Joie M. Steele, Kenna B. Stoffer,
Halle C. Utterback, Megan Wheelock,
Adelaide C. Young

Platinum/Diamond Edition Band

Piano: Nancy Allen
Sazophone: Greg Balfany
Percussion: Julie Duff
Sythesizer: Steve Duff
Trumpet: Jeff Krauklis
Bass: Paul Leithold
Guitar: Kurt Schuldes
Drums: Josh Shively
Trombone: George Von Arx

Production Team

Director: Nancy Allen
Co-Director: Shane Rhoades
Emcee: Rick Walters
Lighting Designer: Jon Baker
Sound Designer: Brett Huus
Technical Director: Jack Hamilton
Kyle Aiden–I'm in Love With a Monster, One Short Day, Defying Gravity
Ainsley Alrutz–Mama Mia, SOS
Damon Brown–Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Kevin Chase–One Wild Night
Iraya Cress–Born This Way/Applause
Malachi Durant–Turn Up the Music/Dance to the Music
Vic Pardon–Ain't No Other Man
Nick Quamme–Heartbreaker, Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
Jack Scharrer–Take a Chance, Dancing Queen
Joie Steele–My Boyfriend’s Back
Halle Utterback–Straight Up
Mason Wold-Waterloo

Stage Manager: Nicholas Carlstrom
Costumes/Assistant: Iraya Cress
Lightboard Operator: Nicholas Carlstrom
Deck Sound: Emmett Lenselink
Rail Operator: Ellery Larson
Follow Spot Operators: Zane Rader, Rachel Uhlarik

Friends of Platinum Edition

Nancy Allen
Keith and Mary Carson
Richard Granum
Deborah Hanson
LuAnne Kratt
Corey McElroy and Aubrey Duncan
Mary Phillips
Darrell and Darlene Pofahl
Silvana and Robert Richardson
Doug Wilken
LuAnne Kratt

Become a Friend of
Platinum/Diamond Edition

The annual giving program for Platinum and Diamond Edition at Viterbo is a great way to support these outstanding groups of young performers. Your contribution will be recognized in all Platinum/Diamond Edition programs unless you choose to remain anonymous.

Make a gift to Platinum/Diamond Edition at

Or send your donation to:
Chris Sanger
Viterbo University
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI 54601

Please make checks payable to Viterbo University.

For more information, please contact
Institutional Advancement at 608-796-3070 or cmsanger@viterbo.edu.

Coulee Classic

Formed in January 2021, barbershop quartet Coulee Classic is based out of La Crosse. This acapella singing group strives for energetic, authentic, and entertaining performance with freely produced vocals and tons of ringing chords. Repertoire ranges from straight-on classic barbershop to country-cover-bar-songs to vocal jazz to traditional choral, and more. Find them on stage at a formal performance or find them singing for drinks at a local tavern; this group of diverse personalities brings audiences of all types together by doing what they love–connecting through harmony.

Lead: Matt Curtis
Bass: Allen Pruitt
Bari: Nate Peplinski
Tenor: Colin Stevenson

Viterbo Fine Arts Center
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI 54650
608-796-3737 | finearts@viterbo.edu

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