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internal inquiry

By Arthur Karbowski

would you like to wear one of many extra jackets?
     would you like them to cover you in the cold
     night? and by them, i mean me.

how about a restraining order? will that make you
     happy and secure? i don't need the State to
     bring me to this awareness. you can tell me
     and i will hide forever.

do you want a home and health and Him? can my mind
     hold you inside itself? can we try and if it
     doesn't disintegrate violently then it must be

if you do want to try, why?

you've heard of the calumny and you've heard of the
     rabbit. you've heard pain and joy, selfishness
     and obsession, drugs and drugs and drugs and
     jail. why? maybe the music?

maybe the music.
maybe the music knows.