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The Room That Held You

By Yvette Michelle Holland

This is the room that held you.
It is dark
Because now the light can't work.
I place a lamp on the table
A lamp with a stiff knob which needs oil
The cord lies facily* over the
Table and along the tablecloth.
There are pieces of dried citrus
On the table mat
Still there from a rushed meal
Twenty-four hours ago.
And thin, red peanut skins
Dot the brown carpet below.

This is the room that held you.
The same room
That had the vanilla scented candle
In the center of
Crystal dishes boasting
Cranberry sauce or baked plantains
Cilantro Pork Chops or fresh fish fillet
Whatever dish the visitor fancied.
This is the room
Whose white curtains waved
As the cool breeze danced through
The open window panes.
The sunlight passed through
And touched our faces.

* Facily- a Belizean Creole word meaning abrasively