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Literature Table of Contents

Arndt, Renee Home
Bulka, Will The Sorted Confessionals of Mr. Bananas
Carlson, Joanna Untitled
Cosby, Susan Break Down
Dawson, Joe Excerpt from Gloves and Coats
Holland, Yvette Michelle Paper Doll
  The Room That Held You
Karbowski, Arthur PS
  letting go of one
  dreams in a darker world (mind)
  internal inquiry
Kehl, Alex Grammatical Excursion #3
  Notes on Notes on "Layover"
Kotek, Nick Radio I
Krump, David A tree, Bert
  Dropping it together
Krump, Johnny Making Change
Leis, Becky Old Huffy
Moore, Andrew The Busboy Talks to the Forks
Olsen, Joshua D. beauty
  Look who’s coming for dessert!
  flavors at hand
Stobb, Bill Fugue