Ashley Stussy
Riding in Cars With Ashley (1 of 3)

For the past four years, since I got my driver’s license, I have neverhad a reliable car.  Each one has left an impact on my life by having its own quirks and defects.  My first was given to me a couple of months after my sixteenth birthday, and after only a year of faithful service decided to shut down in the middle of many busy intersections.  My second car, bought with my hard-earned button-packaging money, completely shut down after only three months of my ownership with absolutely no hope for resurrection.  My third and current car, the one I have treated the best and even personified by giving it a name, Albert, has recently become fickle by reversing only when it wants to.

Although I have had a lot of trouble with cars, I think that my biggest surge of bad luck came when another piece of technology, my cell phone, decided to join forces with my car and revolt against me by dying along with the vehicle.

I was on my drive back to my dad’s house around ten p.m. after dropping off my brother at a friend’s house.  About five miles away from my destination, my car, a 2002 Dodge Intrepid, started to violently jerk back and forth.  Before I knew what was happening, it began to whine loudly.  The sound of screeching metal filled the empty highway, announcing the car’s demise.

With much difficultly, I turned the wheel so that I could park the car as far on the side of the road as possible, turned the hazard lights on, and pulled my cell phone out of my purse.

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