Ashley Stussy
Riding in Cars With Ashley (3 of 3)

Noticing that I had seen the computer, he quickly sat on his metal
folding chair and started to “X” out of the internet websites he
previously had up and looked up at me with a scowl on his face as he handed me his phone.  I quickly used his phone and declined his offer to wait in the house until my ride picked me up.

My trip back down the stairs went a lot faster and soon, I was on my way to my father’s house.  After that night, the Intrepid was never driven again, it turned out to be beyond repair.  I later found out that the mechanical meltdown that had broken my car and caused its end was named defective and was recalled by the company.  When I found out, I laughed.  That part should’ve been recalled.  And so should white cotton underwear.

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