Douglas Noble
James (6 of 8)

James was exited.  He had never been on a date before.  Where?
When? What would they do? James was nervous.  James still hadn’t
told anyone of his ailment.  James was terrified. 

James and Janet started dating.  He put the AIDS thing as far back in his mind as he could.  She didn’t seem to have much interest in sex anyway.  Eventually he would tell her.  This just felt so good.

They didn’t tell anyone at work.  Dating between coworkers was frowned upon.  It was suspected when people noticed them sitting together, and talking together, and especially when they started laughing together. 

They dated a month and a half.  Dinner several times, movies, drinks (James tried Scotch, he didn’t really like it but she thought it sounded worldly), one weekend they went for a picnic.  Sex during this time was not mentioned; the company was enough.             

They dated for three months.  She had him over for dinner.  They watched Bay Watch.  He spent the night.  Lying in her bed he felt awkward, he didn’t really want to touch her, and she didn’t touch him.  He said nothing, she responded with nothing.  He had to tell her.  He would tell her.  Their very first kiss was a kiss goodnight—it was a peck. 

At lunch the next day he made a date for that night.  He told her he had something to tell her.  He was afraid—he thought he would back out.

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