Douglas Noble
James (7 of 8)

The restaurant was very nice.  If James wasn’t nervous, and
scared, and uncomfortable as it was, the restaurant alone may
have intimidated him.  But under the circumstances he stayed relatively calm. 

“Janet, there is something I have to tell you.”

“Wait James, I think I know what you’re gonna to say.”

“Please, you don’t understand.”

“Before you tell me you love me James, I have to tell you,” Janet paused.  “James, I have AIDS.”

James was taken aback.  His jaw dropped.  He couldn’t believe it.  She took it as a sign that James was getting scared.  James wanted to burst out, or laugh or…  He sat there for another minute. 

“That’s what I was going to tell you.”

“I know James, I know you love me, James I love you too but…”

“Janet, I have AIDS.”

Not a lot was said during the rest of dinner.  He felt many things.  She felt many things.  Neither knew exactly what to say.  They both felt good.  A terrible weight was lifted.  What would the winner of a lottery feel?  How would it feel to lose an empire?  How does it feel to know you will die before old age?  Not normal.  Definitely not normal.

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