Douglas Noble
James (8 of 8)

All this is why, when three week after the “confession dinner”
on a return visit to the doctor, when James received the apology from the doctor he really felt nothing.  Well, not really nothing,
what I mean to say is that he just didn’t really care. 

“False positives happen, James,” said the doctor.

“Ok,” said James.

“I’m sure you’ve been put through a lot in the past few months.”

“Yes,” said James. 

“I can’t tell you that I know or can begin to know what you have been going through, but I am sorry.”
“Ok,” said James.

More was said, but not a lot that needs to be told in this account.
James didn’t tell Janet about this doctor’s visit.  He thought maybe he would tell her someday.  Four months later on a beautiful spring day James and Janet were married. 

Janet was a very strong woman in spite of her slight appearance.  She seemed to use her will to fight off infection.  Nine years later when James died, the woman he loved, and who loved him, was at his funeral.  His tombstone reads:

James Wood 
“Jimmy loves Jan”

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