Drew Gilman


Is its own downfall

The big quest for all knowledge

Not far above we’ll make sure, but

On the ground the people are just whispers

And cannot even look down without turning away

On Earth, we’re reaching now past a point of no return

But up and much more we must go, we’re no longer welcome

All this spites everything we’ve come to know from our beginnings

Below, we’ll make sure we know what is here where we are, although

Up into the Heavens, I feel it’s not far, from here I can see hardly none

And feel the drum beat below, it’s hardly faint, let’s go further up

To the nextfi level I say we build first, then stop for a moment

Now we see ‘round the ground and scoff fairly harsh

What was the state once, has no meaning at all

To the end of all One more than all knew could not take from the start

An out of the down and up soon then all soared,

Out base from the jetty one did find a new scroll.

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