Hallie Weibel
Liberation (1 of 11)

The sun was cutting a bright path through the dark bedroom,
directlyinto my right eye. Dust floated slowly downward,
illuminated by a ray of amber light.  A green fleece blanket
barely covered my bottom half, yet the exposed skin above it was warm.  For a moment, I wasn’t sure where I was.  Then I saw a blonde head lying next to me, closely cropped hair swirling around the top of his head, broad tan shoulders angled away from where I lay.  Location wasn’t the only unknown this morning, though.  How had I ended up with him, here?  What’s his name?  Jason?  Josh?  No-it’s Jon.  What time is it?  Would my parents call to check up on me and catch me in my lie?  And what about Trav?  I had never once thought that I’d be the one cheating, yet here I was. 

The morning before, I had patiently waited for more than two hours.  It seemed I was always waiting around for Trav, but I did it and basically anything else that made him happy.  Otherwise, I was always afraid I’d scare him away.  Thinking back, it wasn’t so much that I truly liked him, I really liked the idea of him--Friday nights at the football field, wearing the letter jacket, jealous girls talking smack about me.  I made use of my wait by curling my straight, long brown hair and making sure our house was immaculate.  His thoughtless comments about my curvy figure had inspired my recent dieting; my new jeans lay perfectly on my flat stomach.  A little strip of my tanned stomach showed between the waistband of the jeans and the bottom of my shirt.  Although we’d been dating for a few months, we’d never spent much time alone together and I wanted to look perfect.

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