Hallie Weibel
Liberation (10 of 11)

I was surprised at his interest, especially with his history of
casual flings.  Why did he care?  It took two more beers to
finally ask that, and he explained that he wanted someone who
he could trust in his life, that we seemed good for each other.  He played with my hair, waiting for me to agree.  Instead, I sat in the dark, shocked into silence, watching a spider nearby spinning its web in the moonlight.

After a few minutes of silence, Steve yelled from the door that Jon had a phone call.  Relieved, I followed him to the house.  The kitchen was dark, the roommates were watching cheap porn on Cinemax in the living room, their faces illuminated by blue light in the otherwise shadowy room.  Bolstered by the beer, I joined their heated debate: silicone versus natural.  They laughed when I spoke up, stunned that I’d be a part of it and that I could give them tips for deciphering.  I was shocked myself, unaware that I’d become this open, especially in a room full of older guys.  Jon finished the phone call, leaned against the door jam, and watched me hang out with his friends, a faint smile on his face.            

Our eyes met soon after, and we headed upstairs, not needing to talk.  His slow kisses sent chills down my spine as he gently rubbed my face with his palm.  Last time it had been so frenzied, we took our time now.  It was intense, undressing each other, learning each other’s bodies.  I was so at ease, relaxed enough to enjoy it.  Maybe it was because the “first time” thrill was gone, but it wasn’t as fun as the last time.  I just couldn’t help noticing a needy look in his eyes whenever they met mine; I turned my head away.

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