Hallie Weibel
Liberation (2 of 11)

My parents had taken the rest of the family camping but I’d
askedto stay behind, using cousin Ally’s high school graduation
as my excuse.  They always believed my lies; I knew I had
the sweet and innocent act down pat.  Now, I knelt on our ugly tan sofa, a hand-me-down from Grandma, arms propped on the high back, watching out the window.  Tall trees lined our quiet street, few cars passed, the neighbor was teaching his daughter to ride a pink bike up the sidewalk.  I picked at a few loose threads, then swung the cord to the blinds, tap tap tapping the glass. 

When I finally saw his truck, I leapt up and rechecked myself in the hallway mirror.  My hair hung long and smooth to the middle of my back.  Even with the tan and makeup, I could still see the freckles peppering my nose.  As I flashed myself the flirtatious smile that I’d found pretty effective, dimples dug deep in each cheek.  Not a bad face, I thought, though it wasn’t exciting, particularly beautiful, or exotic.  It wasn’t ever enough for the popular boys in my little city, but it had somehow interested the athletic farm boys from our neighboring towns.  Most of them commented on my big brown eyes that danced in my reflection when I thought of spending the whole day alone with Trav.  What would we do?  He’d promised me a whole day of make-up dates since he’d never yet had the time to take me out.  My excitement was evident, my skin was glowing, tan and smooth


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