Hallie Weibel
Liberation (6 of 11)

Jon reached out and cupped my hip, pulling me toward him.  As
I looked down on his face, I knew what would happen next by the
smoky look in his eyes.   He watched as I pulled off my shirt
and then he kissed my stomach, pulling me closer to reach my chest and neck.  He’d clearly done this before, removing my bra in less time than it usually took me.  His warm breath tickled my ear as he whispered in a gruff voice that couldn’tbelieve a girl my age could be so built.  After that, my memory is a blur of static pictures: frantic hands, exposed skin, beads of sweat.  Since we knew nearly nothing about each other we held nothing back, let go of all modesty and inhibition.  I’d done it before, but had never particularly enjoyed it.  Jon showed me what he liked, shocking me with his blunt directions, yet I knew I was learning how it should really be.  We did things I’d never heard of, things I blushed to remember.                                                                        

Lying naked in his bed, we laughed at the absurdity of our situation.  Our agesmade what we were doing illegal in most states; that only added to the thrill of it.  Strangely, lying there was so natural, so comfortable, even though we barely knew each other’s names.  I wasn’t worried about my butt being too big or sucking in my stomach like I did when I was with Trav.  He really had a knack for saying the right thing; he said he’d watched me dance all night but decided to drop it when someone told him my age, but he couldn’t resist when he saw me alone in the dark kitchen.            

“I probably should’ve said something before, but I’ve been with a lot of women,” he said afterward.
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