Staci MacGregor

so tired right now the only thing that seems right would be
                                      to see an untold vision
                                          an untelevision
                                 a real-life extraordinary event like
                                      combustion and burning
if I try hard enough then I can see you but I’m afraid
                                       that every single hour
                                       just isn’t enough time
                                  to memorize all those planes
                                  hills and rolling curving sweet
                            I could almost drown there unnecessarily
                                    And I don’t think I’d mind
sometimes I feel four different heartbeats
                                     there are only two of us
pressure points are another story, however
                                        I listen and think
                                          about timing
                                about rock music and dark rooms
                                  smoke and a crumpled t-shirt
I breathe a vacuum
                                  Tiny capillaries swell and trace
                                 A fine line between two opposite
                                         Yet equal reactions
Believe it or not—
                              I tend to make the same face for both

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