Tharren Appleton
Excerpts From “About Tharren”
  The Building on 62nd St.

The building on 62nd street had a big backyard and we all
spent a lot of time there.  We did a lot of what most children
do at that age.  We dug holes, played in the mud and played many different games.  We also liked to play some dangerous games that did not seem so dangerous at the time—however, at that time in one’s life, one thinks he or she is invincible.  In the building there was a basement that would flood with sewage sometimes, and there was a place where we could swing over the sewage.  What we would do is dare each other to swing over the water.  Well, one day while one of my cousins was swinging over the sewage the line broke and he fell in.  I helped him get out and I remember laughing for what seemed like forever.  We would also jump from building to building.  There was a building that was right next to the one we lived in, but not as tall.  One of us (me some of the time) would jump over to the shorter building, walk along it until he found a window to an unoccupied apartment, jump back across, open the window, get in and open the door to the apartment to let everyone else in.  We would use the apartment as our club house until the landlord found out and locked the door again.

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