Tyler Brown
Stories From the Crow's Nest (10 of 10)

When I awoke I grabbed a couple of biscuits from the Doc
in the galley.  Biscuits on board a ship are terrible; it’s like
eating plywood. I ate them all anyways; one of them was full of boll weevils, extra protein.  The storm has gone away for the most part. There were patches of clear white sky, and other patches of black satanic clouds. My stomach was sour from the fibrous pieces of biscuit I had just eaten.  I climbed to the top of the mast; there were charges of lightning in the distance.  I’m a killer.  I have killed people.  I have ruined families. I have ended lives.  I thought of Jarvis.  Maybe he didn’t slip after all.  I tossed biscuits into the sea.  Then tossed myself.    

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