Tyler Brown
Stories From the Crow's Nest (4 of 10)

Legal pirates.  I don’t know if I mentioned that before.

When the call went up to move to battle stations, it was quite a sight.  The mast started shaking violently when the boys came aloft to unfurl battle sails to maximize our maneuverability.  The sailing master ordered me down, gave me a rifle, and some shot. 

I was scared.  I had the gun loaded and knelt behind the façade of the ship.  I peered between the columns, waiting, watching. Ocean, ocean, ocean, ocean, ocean, bow.

As soon as I saw the bowsprit lunge forward, I heard cannons blasting and I couldn’t tell if it was ours or theirs.  I stood quickly and fired a shot without even looking. I reloaded again.  I peered through the columns again as puffs of smoke jetted out from the sides of their ship.  I was on the port side of the ship, only 20 feet or so from the bow.  We were heading South, they were heading North.  For a second I thought maybe we’d just pass them and unleash a volley of cannonball fire, and that would be that.  Instead, they fired a shot that smashed into the bosun’s locker not 15 feet away from me.  Before I could even thank the heavens it hadn’t hit me, another one hit three feet to the right of that one.  Three feet closer to me.  I looked to my left and saw the crew firing shots at the other ship.  I looked through the columns again, and I was surprised to see how close the fluyt had drifted towards us.  Kneeling, I peeked my head above the façade and aimed at a group of men.  I was aiming at one in particular.  He wore a sock hat and a gold necklace.  That was all I remembered as I dropped him with one shot to his sternum.

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