Tyler Brown
10 Poles

There’s something to be said about the art of running Poles
Head my in joggle thoughts, again back and end one to Down

By this point, the hate has definitely set in, and it’s not going Away
Painful more even is started just I fact the but ache to start already legs My

The windscreen sings me a sweet, soft, spring lullaby as I trudge Along
Shirt coarse my against vigorously scrape tits saggy My

Salty sweat seeps in and it stings like jellyfish Wounds
Better feel I’d, things punch and scream to love would I

I do find satisfaction of running under the shady Scoreboard
Ask to not you told I ?why  but maybe shade the, why me ask Don’t

And as I run I get pity props and “you-can-do-it’s” for still running because I’m Slow
Queen you I would ,here be wouldn’t I it do couldn’t I If

My polyester pinstripe pants prevent my legs from Breathing
Sock holey to thigh my from itch to begin they And

And as it’s obviously downhill to run this way, the uphill Battle
Think would one than harder bit little a is way this Going.

The pole before the last one is by far the worse and I Try
Left is one only knowing more once track warning the down zip To

And I am finally left with the last and try to get it done Because
Him embrace to me for waiting is pocket back my in demon tinned gold That

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