One swift blow and the candles went out.
Twenty four candles for twenty four years
The twenty four years that amount to my life
My life which is not even my own
Paid in blood by a Son who loved me more than you.

Eight new years’ to ring in my childhood
Half a decade that made me mature
Twelve months where I lost my mother
Three years submerged into death’s lair
And two to wake up from it.

Three and a half years is what I dedicated to you
When it only took you three months to erase it all.
I thought that by giving all of myself to you,
You would come to love me for everything I am.
Taking for granted everything my heart and soul had poured,
It was simple for you to bring home some one else
Who would give you the same devotion.

A year and a half is what it took to let go,
Making myself stronger than you.
Another swift blow and I’ll forget you
Bringing myself back to my life.

Mayche Vang
my life