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Andrea Matson
Forever Longing

Sky-scraping buildings encircle the small scenic square.
Shrubbery, bright green joins bright blossoms to
Surround the stone woman, who endlessly looks
Skyward, reminiscent of the continuous sunflower.

People pass by throughout the day and
Pay her no heed in their busy day. Her only companions the
Pigeons which perch and spread their
Plumage about. Pitiable and lonely she has little pleasure.

Every now and then, the granite lady will
Enjoy the company of weary patients who
Escape to her park and in her peaceful
Environment they forget their worries

Happiness comes to her when buildings
Hinder not her vision, but with the sun reflect
Her love on their glass surface.
High above, she sees her love.

There they sit, with their gruesome faces, on top the city,
The Three brothers and her love,
The gargoyle protectors of Plummer tower,
Take care and watch those that enter there.

Sunset and sunrise she awaits the building to
shine like a mirror and show her love's scowling facade.
Spellbound just as Clytie was, this stony nymph looks skyward forever
Sulking and pining for her own Apollo.


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