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Timothy Metzler
To Those Who Chose the Light

The way of anger is defeat;
compassion is vict'ry.

Shine on, fair children of the light, shine on.
Heed not the wide words of today,
they promise stagnation.

Tomorrow and today,
the doubters will remain,
and not without transgressors by their side.

Harken, children, be not fooled!
Hope has not seen tomorrow,
but awaits, now, the fearful and the reverent.

Beware the place where shadows die.
Flee from that land of lies.
Seek--simply and only--the light.

Failure devours those who remain in the desert of despair,
in that place of discouraged, daft, discontented dreamers,
in that place where death is welcome,

but success belongs to those who heartily,
with girded loins and skyward eyes,
gather as friends on the mountaintop of tranquility...


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