As a new initiative that promotes responsible stewardship of the environment, the Touchstone staff decided to "rethink" how the whole print magazine should be designed from materials consumption to energy use and the production stream used in its creation (see infographic below). Based on research by visual communication students, faculty and the staff of Touchstone, we were able to implement various sustainable design practices and improve the quality of the magazine while maintaining our budget."

Some of the new features of this year's print edition include using Neenah Conservation 100% PCW (post-consumer waste) paper versus the 30% PCW content used in the previous year. Benefits of upgrading the PCW content of the magazine include the
conservation of trees, wood fiber and water; the reduction of chemicals and energy used; and the decrease of greenhouse gases emitted in paper manufacturing. The paper also uses a PCF (processed chlorine free) whitening method that eliminates the production of toxic by-products such as dioxin in the recycling process. In addition, the paper manufacturer's plant in Neenah, WI is Green-e energy certified and was chosen based on its proximity to La Crosse to reduce the energy required to transport it to La Crosse.



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