Dear sunshine, I wish you would stick around longer,
shining your warm rays down upon me, returning
the warmth to my paled skin. Dear bed, with your
fluffed up pillows, and mound of blankets untouched
and lonely, I miss you too, someday this relationship
will work out. Dear piles of dirty dishes- forks,
spoons, cups, and plates- overflowing from the sink,
why is it when I sing woodland creatures don’t come
help me wash you? Dear mathematical analyses, the
more symbols you add the less likely I will be able to
complete such mind-boggling work. Dear Wisconsin,
dear La Crosse, dear Viterbo, why are your temperatures
always changing, there is nothing stable, from the
weather outside to the weather in the classroom; it is
all a little bipolar. Dear teachers and educators setting
standards that some can reach, do not forget that others
see the world and learn from it differently; give us all a
chance. Dear students, stumbling around campus in
a zombie like trance from class to class, overstimulated
and underfed. Dear starvation striking at the hope of
those who need it most and tearing apart communities,
allowing houses to fall to shambles and innocents die in
the cold streets. Even working class Americans struggle
to feed their families; we are craving for a life greater
than that, which was dealt. Dear employers, the ones
who stick their necks out for their workers, raising them
up before raising a profit, teach others your ways. Pass
the knowledge on to make all environments more bearable.
Dear Technology moving society forward with
innovation while dragging us back to a time of drooling
Neanderthals, unable to really do much but grunt.
Dear men, dear women, dear genders, fighting for rights
but falling to stereotypes and those misinformed societal
members and their expectations, speak your mind and
be an individual in the crowd; fight for your rights.
Dear anger erupting from the mouths and fists of those
uniformed or unjustly treated, ignorance is not always
bliss, inform yourself before dragging someone else
down with you. Dear expectations, unmet and still full
of desire, maybe someday we will return to you. Dear
religions of the world, you are entitled to your beliefs,
but also respect others. Can we not all get along? Dear
Micro-organisms filling a great purpose but ignored
until Ebola popped up on our radar, you are more than
a disease, you are living cells, small but significant all
the same. Dear theatres presenting depth and culture
through dance, music, poetry, and lectures, providing
an escape from the harsh world around us, while providing
knowledge and inspiration to create and better
our society: you will always be that place I call home.